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Thread: Furry Rave

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    Default Furry Rave

    Furry raves, better than normal raves? Also, have to spread the love:
    YouTube - DOTA FURRY RAVE!!!
    Oh, any good furry rave videos would be appreciated <3

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    Im down for any kind of rave tbh, as long as the dj's are good and the vibes are positive =D

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    Wouldn't people pass out from the heat of the costumes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousitykitten View Post
    Wouldn't people pass out from the heat of the costumes?
    they can, but thats why you take lots of water stops. I danced at FC from 11pm to 2am took a rest about every 20 mins for water, rest and some cool air.

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    either way a rave is a rave and all i will say is imvu
    also i want to go to a rave so bad

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    pamperchu cracks some glowsticks; And passes out some... uhhhh, ^__^

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    Oh, I have a furry glow stick! I got two at a science fiction convention, but then a bunch of furries showed up and I just had to give one of mine to them. The first thing he did was crack it, sniff it, and eat it which was freaking hilarious in my opinion. Totally worth it.

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