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    I have been wearing adult diapers for a while even hiding them from my wife. I told her about it and asked her what she think's. she wanted to think on it, she said she was cool with it the next day. but i was very scared and wanted her to do things with me. she said it was pretty normal and they had a name for it medically and im not the only one. so she said she was ok with it and im happier because i do not have to try to hide it from her anymore. that is nto so easy. now she wears them with me sometimes and help's me pick them out. she has been a thumb sucker forever so i bought her a binky and she loved it. now she wants an adult one lol. well this is the first forum i have ever joined in my life and i only joined this one to feel like im not alone and talk and read about what i love so much.
    well thanks for listening.. shacklar

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC. Enjoy your time here.

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    Sounds like your wife is a super cool person. welcome to the forum!

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    What scoo said, really. You're lucky to have such an accepting wife A lot of people around here aren't nearly so lucky.

    So welcome!

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    Glad you joined. It's awesome that your wife was so open about it. I know you are not alone. Many different topics and many here for support as well.

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    Welcome to the ADISC, Shacklar. You are most certainly not alone. I am sure you will enjoy yourself here.

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