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Thread: Teacher asks students to masturbate

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    Default Teacher asks students to masturbate

    Teacher asks students to masturbate

    I couldn't believe this when I was reading it. I checked and apparently it's real. Is it just me or by time most kids are able to provide sperm they are most likely old enough that they'll do it anyhow. That he is sued for it is rather stupid in my eyes.

    Just curious about your opinions.

    BTW: Yes, I know it's old but I still am curious of your opinion.

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    Eh... Nothing wrong with wanting to see sperm under a microscope...

    But he probably shouldn't have asked any students to provide it.. And since I'd see a problem with him providing it, I can't really say where he'd get it from...

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw this and thought it was a massive overreaction. Sure, maybe it was in bad taste, but suing him? Give me a break.

    And yes, as you say, it's not like kids that age wouldn't be doing it anyway. What's the big deal? >.<

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    That's more than a little innapropriate. It's not like its difficult to find pictures or even video of sperm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    That's more than a little innapropriate. It's not like its difficult to find pictures or even video of sperm.
    trust me when say it, its ONE thing to see a video..and it is QUITE another to actually see the cells under there, having to focus the damn microscope. its VERY exciting and fascinating.. also spurredon by the fact that its YOUR sperm under there.

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    Definitely inappropriate. Sure the kids will be maturating anyway, and sure sperm are just sperm... but you can't pretend that social taboos don't exist.
    Why not get the girls to collect some period blood?
    It's disgusting to ask, even for innocent reasons.

    I don't understand suing though. How can you sue for something like this? Is a teenage boy going to go to court and say that he was emotionally damaged by being asked to masturbate? That's homework that nobody will forget to do!

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    in reality, that teacher could haveA used some of his own, or B ordered some preserved. though, tha said, the latter can be expensive

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    Arn't you suposed to get slides with stuff on them when you by a microscope? I did when I had one as a kid. You think if this was a Sex Ed class they would have that.

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    Live and dead sperm is totally different. Live sperm is exciting to see on a slide (yes I have, no not in class)

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    For what it's worth, this headline made the front page of Failblog on Feb 21. It's on the 5th page at the time of this post.

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