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Thread: parents found out - sending me to a shrink

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    Thumbs down parents found out - sending me to a shrink

    well in stead of writeing 20 pages on how everything happened I just give u the high points

    My parents found out everything...I mean EVERYTHING and thay are now calling me wierd, saying iam not normal and looking at me like I have some desise...I h8 myself now I can't take this and there sending me to shrinks too.I just want them all to drop dead.

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    As absurd as it might be try and keep a cool head on your shoulders, it's understandable that you're upset but the more distressed you act the more your parents will assume that this behaviour is damaging your mental health. Try and behave maturily, the shrink may gather that you're sensible and understand your behaviour. Saying you hate yourself won't do anyone any good, it'll only support your parents assumption what you're doing is wrong and that you're ashamed of yourself which you definitely shouldn't be.

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    Sorry to hear about your situation, Celtic. I've been through a version of that myself and it's really hard to take. All the self-loathing and wishing that everyone would 'drop dead' is normal under the circumstances, but you can and will get past that. I don't know how much there was for your parents to find, but obviously it was enough to really mess things up.

    Monkey's advice is sound. Try to be more together than you feel. Consider that a pyschiatrist is likely to be your ally in this situation. A professional is going to be more objective and and have access to greater resources on the subject, so this is likely a good thing. However, even with all the help in the world, it's probably a bit much to expect your parents to be all smiles about this.

    You need to think ahead and decide how you'd like this to play out. Is this something you'd really want to share with your parents, even if they learned to be accepting? Think past the next few weeks and try to look years ahead. Would you rather they know about this previously private side of you? It feels good to 'come clean' and all, but part of being older is learning what information about yourself you want to let out and to whom. You might think it's all over because they've found your stuff, but I'd guess it's very likely that if you give indications that this is a passing phase, they'll buy it over time. To go that way means that you'd need to really live it, so if you think you can't go without until you're on your own, you've got a problem.

    It's your future; think carefully about it.

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    I agree with the other two guys: Keep your cool. Your parents just don't understand why you're doing this, and exactly what kind of impact it has on you. They're just assuming the worst and obviously want to help you, since they're taking you to a shrink.
    Your only option really is to play along and see what the shrink thinks about the whole issue. Maybe he'll be more understanding than your parents and will help mediate between you and your parents. The shrink has a more professional and calm understanding of TBism than your parents, whose reaction was probably too emotional and too negative.
    However, in addition to the shrink, you will have to show your parents that you have been and continue to be a responsible young man. There's no point convincing your parents that TBism is "normal"; because it's not. THe best you can hope for is that they understand that it's part of you and that you require the occasional TB activity to be the person you are and to be successful in the things you do. If you succeed in school, life and all your other activities, your parents lose any right to complain about you


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    I have already gone to the shrink he took my parents side... And my parents know all about TBs and DLs...thay just plain h8 me for it + thay have taken my laptop to try stop me going onto this site...but I still have my iPod to post on...I dont know if my parents even want to help me because everything thay have done so far has made things worse and made me h8 everyone around me

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    I despise parents for thinking that being AB/DL is somehow our fault.

    It's not something you can control... or turn on and off... it's just the way you are.

    Would my life be a lot simpler if I didn't have to deal with the desire to wear diapers every single day? Most definately so. But that would be denying part of who I am... and I just can't do that.

    Most parents don't understand that there are much worse things for teens these days to be into. You want to wear diapers and be loved and supported... what's so wrong about that? You're not out there in a gang shooting up stores, robbing houses, stealing cars, and rapeing girls.

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    Like people said, what ever you do: keep calm! Respond to problems calm. And try not to worry too much. Worrying wont help.

    It might be an idea to lie low. Make sure that your parents have no idea you're still into it and work from there.

    Don't blame yourself or go "what if'ing" it'll only make you more upset about it which wont help, only work against you.

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    What exactly did you talk about with the shrink? Obviously the conversation centered around TBDL related activities, and you said that he sided with your parents, but did you get a chance to adequately describe what infantilism is? I find it hard to believe that a legitimate psych would shut down your ideas like that, they should have had experience in this kind of thing before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic View Post
    I dont know if my parents even want to help me because everything thay have done so far has made things worse and made
    I think you might be misunderstanding your parents, from there perspective helping you would be to take away your laptop and attempting to stop you from gaining access to this website, that's what any rational, caring parent would do. They're trying to protect you from something they don't understand. Be honest and act responsible to the shrink, acknowledge that they're trying to help you. Assuming that it isn't make them aware that infantilism doesn't affect your ability to be a normal teenager, perform well at school...etc.

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