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    I am a 37 year old male, I have been bed wetter for the last 3 plus years and about 6 months ago I started having day time issues. It started with noticing damp/yellow stains on my underwear. It got progressively worse to the point that I basically have bladder spasms if I don't make it to restroom in time. I have very little warning before such episodes. I have a active lifestyle and am finding myself not doing a lot of the things i used to enjoy out of fear that my friends will find out. I am a cop and have been for the last 12 years. I make sure I use the restroom every chance I get and have resorted to using pull ups when on duty. so far I have gotten away with it. My issue its that I enjoy hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities with my partners and friends. I have not done any o f these things since this has started. Luckily I have a very lovely and beautiful wife who is very understanding and supportive. It just bothers me how much this is affecting my lifestyle, I am not doing any of the things I used to out of ear of being found out. I have been to the urologist and had all the tests done ( Urodynamics , ultrasounds and had a camera run up into my bladder) and all he tells me is that it is related to my sleep disorder ( sleep apena) and that is weakening my bladder. I was wondering how everyone else deals with these changes and their activities.

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    Hi John diapers are just an other form of underware and life goes on. I have been a bedweter most of my life and 7 years ago I started wetting 24/7 and have been diapered every day. I work and not one person has noticed or said anything. Because we are diapered we think everyone is going to notice, they are to bussy with there own lives to notice what some else is wearing under there pants. So just continue to do what you have done in the pasts.

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    I would like to go on like nothing is different but there is no way my partners would not notice me changing in deer camp or when out fishing if I had to take a bag into the restroom they would know something was up.

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    True dat.
    My life goes on, and nobody cares about my underware. I work full time, raise two preteens with a loving wife (30 years), and have many sports and hobbies. It happened to me gradually. As I came to the realization that nobody cares about what is under my jeans my life opened back up. My life is more full now than before my IC began.

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    I understand how you feel. When I started having to wear diapers to keep my pants dry, I stopped doing the things that I use to. It's taken some time but there are many things that I have started doing again. Yes it's hard to explain why you carry a bag with you, but if they are true friends they will be supportive. I have even carried my diapers into prison with me when I am there doing volunteer work. I just the the head of custody know in advance and there were no problem. In fact they were very supportive about the whole thing.

    We all have to learn the best way to deal with this but we shouldn't ever stop living because we have to change our underwear more than others.

    It's easier to change a wet diaper than wet pants.

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    So were you abdl before this happened? I am wondering since your screenname is babyjohn.

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    I was a bedwetter as a child and learned to love wearing diaeprs from that, but now tht I am having to wear 24/7 I am such a fan. I do sill find myself treating myself as an Ab to relax when I am stressed out.

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