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Thread: What's your hangover cure?

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    Default What's your hangover cure?

    So there are a few threads on this already, but all from early last year so it's time for a new one!

    What's your hangover cure?

    I always try to drink a lot of water when I get home, and eat something that shouldn't make me sick, like pizza or toast.

    Apparently the best thing for a hangover is a nice wee IV drip, but I doubt many, if any, of us have access to that.

    And, if I'm up to it, then there's always the yummy greasy fried food.

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    Cornetto's, work like magic. But of course there is nothing better for a hangover than a good old English Breakfast, bacon, sausage, beans, hash browns. Works and tastes amazing.

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    Lots of water!
    Plus a yummy breakfast with bacon and sausages, or a full English if I've really prepared!

    I'm not sure if these things actually work though, they're still nice though.

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    Hangovers are much worse if you're dehydrated and you need extra salt (for some reason - I think all the extra fluid causes your salt level to drop), so lots of water and a cooked breakfast are pretty damn good. Then maybe a hair of the dog!

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    A couple of large glasses of water, and some ibuprofen, consumed after the party before bed. Hangover prevention, really. Sometimes, maybe a spicy Bloody Mary to get the fuzz off my tongue !
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    I can drink and never get a hangover.. But i here that milk works well

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    Butterfly Mage


    I agree with some of the others -- rehydration is the key to beating hangovers. Alcohol is a diuretic (meaning that it causes your body to lose water). A big part of the hangover headache is the electrolyte imbalance caused by the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

    If you drink two glasses of water before going to bed, the hangover the next morning will be greatly attenuated.

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