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    So for a while now I've had a bit of a problem. I don't like spending time with people, I'm vaguely anti-social by my very nature. Without really trying, at some point along the last year or so I began to retreat into the bathroom with increasing frequency, to be able to read uninterrupted I guess. Unfortunately it became a habit to go to the bathroom repeatedly for some reason and I poop at least three times a day these days.

    It's, uh, a bad thing. I feel like I've gotten much worse at holding it in the last few months and I'd rather do something about it now, before it becomes a problem.

    I imagine it's an easy fix and I'll just have to stop going to the bathroom whenever I want. I just wanted to ask here if there's anything very important I should know, like this is a common sign of a life-threatening illness or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketsfan05 View Post
    Go to the doctor.
    I agree, we definitly aren't medical professionals here...

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    This happened to my brother at camp because of the diet. I suggest you try eating more fiber, and if that doesn't work and it becomes a bigger problem then you should see a doctor.

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    This definitely sounds like you should see some medical attention. But eating more fiber should help you do this in more regular increments. But I ain't a doctor. I drink Dr. Pepper.

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    no offence but why the bathroom ? wouldent your bedroom be a much more effective place to read ?but i would go see a doctor if i were you.

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    Not everyone go's to the bathroom once a day, some people find it better if they go more often, some folks go every few days, and some less than that.

    What is normal for you may not be normal for someone else, going to the bathroom more is not a bad thing, it is actually more healthy, if your having a problem with diarrhea then I would see a doctor, otherwise I think your fine.

    I have had a long history with this, only I'm on the other end, so I do daily enemas.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm a vegetarian, so it makes me have to go to the bathroom more often since there's a huge amount of fiber in my diet. Being a coffee junkie doesn't help much either. But it beats constipation by a long shot.

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