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    I want to get a horse tail to wear. I know it's easier to get a fuzzy tail, but I've been looking for a horse one. I have found a few *particular* ones, but if I ever do wear it outside I, for all intensive purposes, don't want to wear a butt plug... it's a personal thing I guess, lol.
    So any suggestions or where I should start looking?

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    There are a few horse tails that look real out there that you can just slide on to your belt, but as for swishing on its own that going to take a bit of work, not worth it really unless your got a full suit.

    i'll have to dig up the like i had some time back that someone was selling.

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    Look to Savaaha on furtopia forums, she makes really good horse tails (I have two) unfortunately is it hard to make them sway unless you know how to move your hips.

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