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Thread: do you think its worth it.

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    Default do you think its worth it.

    Do you thinks its worth to be a babyfur, I was thinking about myself being a babyfur and I have never met one before or another fur but I thought if you were dating them wouldn't they love you for the cuteness not the personality? Maybe I'm thinking like this because I have no one to love in my life yet because I'm 15.

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    In my experience, people aren't doing this because it's "worth it." They do it because it is who they are.

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    I know honestly I love being a babyfur but the feeling is starting to fade. I never want to leave the fandom but its just the feeling.

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    Do something to get yourself back into it. Go to a convention or something and meet a bunch of em. It's a good way to put, or in my case create, the interest back into the fandom. Try searching for conventions near you or fur meets in your area.

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    Yea you are right but I don't see my parents bringing me to a convention anytime soon, it would be nice to meet another babyfur in my area.

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    say it's a science fiction convention with a general theme of anthropomorphics. That's pretty much what a furry convention is, it's just easier to say furry.

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    i'm a babyfur to relieve stress from my dad leaving me at 5. its the only time im truly happy.

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    I am a babyfur I use to be just into infantilism but I got introduced to the fandom by a friend on youtube so now I'm a babyfur, although I'm not into roleplay maybe a little but it kinda creeps me out.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I love rolyplaying, but I would probably be a regular fur instead of a babyfur. If I was designing a costume, it would be a butterfly outfit. One of my friends in RL is a furry and he writes a whole bunch of furry fiction.

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    I like furry fiction its a great thing to read in my spare time. But I love some of the babyfur artwork also some of marci mcadams artwork and badges.

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