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Thread: Ever met someone from online?

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    Question Ever met someone from online?

    Hey all, just thought I'd ask out of curiosity. I know a lot of you are on the young side to be doing this, and I definitely don't recommend doing it in general. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that a number of you have in fact done it .

    Anyway, I have to say that yeah I have. I met a guy who I met on IRC in a programming channel. I knew him for a few years before I met him in real life. It turned out he had family in my home town so when he came to visit them, we went out and shot some pool. Dunno, not too exciting, but that about sums up the extent of my meeting people so far.

    How about you guys?

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    Well I met Hyro. But we still have to go meet in Real life. But one of my Tb friends I met offline went and met him (They were already friends in RL lol)

    I'm hoping to do it. I love meeting new people, and sure its a little intimidating. But thats why you do it with alot of friends, and you have the other person bring lotsa friends too.

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    I met Kevintje and HardcoreMickal once. It was great.

    *throws plushy at Kevintje and HardcoreMickal*

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    I chatted to a guy I met on gaydar once a few times, then we met up for sex. Was a pretty stupid thing to do, I can't believe I did it.

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    Nope, never. Wouldn't mind doing so, though, especially after I move out hopefully in a few months.

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    I met my best freind online, we meet up monthly, and i have met some ofhter people off the web. On the first few times of each i went with a third party and met in a public place. I had known them online for at least 2 years.


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    The only person I've ever met online first before meeting in person was a furry, several years ago. I found him on LiveJournal when I was like... 14? He was maybe 15 or 16, and he lived pretty close to me so we decided to meet up somewhere.

    I had my friends with me when I decided to meet him, but I didn't tell them anything about him being a furry (since they probably didn't know what that would mean).

    We were pretty good friends for a while after that actually... until he lost his mind by doing too many drugs, so much so that he would later claim I was performing black magic rituals to torture him. But thats okay... I stole his guitar

    So many fond memories with that person... it's a damn shame.

    Definitely would not advise anyone as young as I was to meet with strangers online, though. And if you are going to... absolutely meet in a public place (not at their house and not at your house) with friends present.

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    Footed P.J.


    I have met one girl online in person. She lives in my same state, and I met her when I saw her alt-modeling site. I commisioned something, and we developed a friendship online, and I went to a fundraiser she had for a lung transplant that she ended up having due to cystic fibrosis. We ended up meeting in real life three times, but then had a falling out. Two very decent people that just disagree. Still sad about it, but so it goes, and I do wish her well. (please delete with my apologies, mods, if this is unacceptable)

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    I've met countless (using the term loosely) members from the now forums, mostly in groups. Some of which have since moved on from the website post the site domain change. I wouldn't say I meet-up with members frequently but I've definitely grown accustom to meeting members face to face. I haven't had any bad experiences since I build a fairly trusting relationship with members beforehand so no nasty surprises!

    Outside of ADISC I haven't met with anyone. I'm not part of any other online community.

    Generally, I disagree that meeting people you've made friends with online is such a terrible, dangerous thing to do. The stereotype that absolutely everyone online is a child predator and should not be trusted is nothing short of pathetic, it's nothing more than a media fear mongering technique. So long as you're a mature individual, know enough information about the person or people you're meeting with and use common sense I don't have any quandaries with meeting people.
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