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Thread: Galaxy Diapers

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    Smile Galaxy Diapers

    Galaxy is a company that has been making flat bed pads for a long time and now they have started making adult diapers.

    They are working a business model that cuts out the distributers and sells direct from the manufacturer to the consumer.

    The diapers are made in China and the company is based in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

    The diapers have a full plastic backsheet that is different than most, it is softer and quieter than most plastic backsheets although it is not quite as strong and can be torn easily if not carefull.

    The diaper has a refastenable panel on the front and really sticky tapes that are currently very close together, but the company promises that future batches will have the tapes farther apart.

    The padding is medium thickness in an hourglass shape with SAP and leakguards. The medium overnight version will hold approx. two average wettings without leaking. The company claims it will hold 1000+ml, which appears to be fairly accurate.

    The fit is a bit funny because the diaper has larger flaps on the front and smaller flaps on the rear, so the back of the diaper doesn't come up very high and there is too much length on the bottom of the front flaps.
    The company has indicated this situation will be corrected when a new die is required, as the die to cut out the diaper shape is very expensive, so they want to get the most out of the current die to try and hold down costs.

    For people who need diapers everyday this company looks promising as a producer who is trying to create a good diapers for a good price.
    The diapers range in price from $0.65 each for the daytime medium to $0.96 each for the night large purchased by the 120 piece case. (A very large box)

    For those who are interested in trying this diaper the company will send you a sample for free. Order it on their website.

    The website is: Galaxy Sanitary Supplies - Incontinence Briefs, Supplies

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    I'll have to get a sample, but having to buy by the case may make sure that I don't buy them. I would have to be highly impressed to order a case of anything.

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    Hey- looks like a good find. Please update if anyone is able to get samples. The price is certainly good if they are up to the Abena / Tena / Bambino standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new2inc View Post
    Hey- looks like a good find. Please update if anyone is able to get samples. The price is certainly good if they are up to the Abena / Tena / Bambino standard.
    Most companies produce diapers that have different levels of absorbancy, so comparisons with just a company name don't work.

    Galaxy overnight diapers have better absorbancy and leak less than Tena Super, most likely due to the full plastic back that Tena does not have.

    They would compare to Abena extra, but nowhere near an Abena X-plus.

    Bambinos have an absorbancy rating around 3800 ml and cost $1.80 each. It's not really fair to compare a diaper that costs $0.85 each and has an absorbancy rating of 1000 ml to the highest absorbant and most expensive diapers on the market.

    The market for specialty diapers is quite small, so if a company just starting to produce diapers is going to be succesfull in a low price volume business model, they have to go after the big part of the market. Volume sales of a low cost diaper to care homes.
    Galaxy may never produce a super high absorbancy diaper, as the market for those is quite small, but for daily use diapers they could help hold down prices.

    Galaxy seems to be very commited to producing a good diaper at low cost as they have already made several changes to their initial designs, based on input from actual use testing.

    This is not a company that is going to produce your wish list diaper, but does hold promise for a good performing diaper at a low price.

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    OK. That gives me a better idea of what to expect. Thanks Kevin.

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    Well, It's good to see another company competing. I would give them a try as long as the ydont keep sending fliers in the mail like some companies. I can't wait for the day that Depend has a competitor in stores besides store brands

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    Does anyone have any good pictures of these diapers? How did the samples come packaged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakota13 View Post
    Does anyone have any good pictures of these diapers? How did the samples come packaged?
    I'll post some as soon as I can get my camera back from my son and take a few pics.
    It might take a few days as I am really busy at work lately. Audit time again.

    The samples will come in a brown mailer envelope.

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    I sent an e-mail to them through their website. I received a prompt reply (about 2 hours later) saying that they needed an address and they'd send a sample right out!

    This is already looking good.

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