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Thread: Hi from Mass!

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    Default Hi from Mass!

    Hey everyone!

    I'm KAL. I'm a junior girl in high school in Massachusetts. A little about me. I love reading and writing. I would absolutely love to be an author someday. I'm in the school band. I've played trumpet since the 4th grade, but recently switched to the Baritone and I love it.

    I'm a TB/DL but mostly DL. I think I've been into this sort of thing since I was very little. I remember being about six and stealing my little sister's pullups. I was potty trained by 2 but she still wet the bed until about 7 (when I was 10). Ever since then, I've wanted to wear diapers again. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to since I was about 6 or 7 but I'm planning to buy Goodnights from the local CVS once we get a second car, hopefully this summer. A few months ago actually I decided to search online and see if there were other people like me, because I thought I was alone for years. My first experience actually realizing that there might be was years ago when I saw the previews for the CSI episode "King Baby", which I only got to watch for the first time a few weeks ago.

    Anyways, I'm really glad to have found this site and to know that I'm not completely alone out there. = D

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    Welcome to ADISC KAL =)

    We all used to think we were alone. God bless the internet*. Hope you enjoy it here. =)

    *I'm not religious.

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    welcome to the boards learn from me use firefox internet to veiw these sites it can be real bad if your parents find about about these sites. There are people like you all over the world and many here in mass again welcome

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    Welcome fellow Masshole! =X

    But in all seriousness, glad you stopped by. It's a really good group of people here, hope to see you around.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
    Arlika- I'm not religious either lol
    sgtfrotin2004- I bought myself a laptop last year so the likelihood of my parents seeing what sites I'm on is about 100% definitely not going to happen. They don't care what I do on my computer. The only thing I'd have to worry about is my friends finding out if they use my laptop and I forget to clear my history.

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    Welcome to the site, fellow Mass-er. Massite. Masser-ist.

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    Hello and welcome.

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC. Enjoy your time here.

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    That's cool. Does your school have a marching band or does it just play at concerts?

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