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    Hi, all. I am a 62 year old grandfather who has been a diaper lover since I was almost 4. I had been potty trained very early (out of diapers day and night by 23 months) because my dad was in college and we lived in the married dorm, so mother didn't have her own washer and therefore had a hard time with my cloth diapers (I learned this from reading my baby book in which my mother faithfully penned everything that I did as a baby).

    After my dad graduated from college and got a good job, we moved to a nice home, and had a great life. My parents tried to have another baby but after trying for awhile, my mom went back to work and left me with a babysitter next door to us. The babysitter, Katty was her name, had two kids. One was 18 monts old and the other was just a few months younger then I was.

    I remember this, and have played it over in my mine 1000's of times, even though it was almost 60 years ago! The first day mom dropped me off at Katty's, the first thing I remember was seeing the 18 m/o walking around in diapers and plastic pants. Since I was an only child, and being trained so early, I had no memory of diapers, and was for some reason instantly fascinated by them. I was so intrigued by them that I wasn't even upset by mom leaving me to go to work. Then awhile later Katty lovingly and babyishly changed her diapers on the sofa in the livingroom, and that just made me wild with longing to have that done to me.

    I think Katty must of noticed that I seemed to be interested in Sally's diapers because I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The next time she changed her and I was standing near watching again, she asked me if I remember when my mommy used to changed my diapers. I said no. And she said something about "that must be the reason", I guess meaning why I seemed to be so interested in them.

    Well after lunch, the real main event happened. It was time for Timmy's (the 3, almost 4 year old) nap. Katty asked me if I took naps and I said sometimes, so she said I could lay down on this big blanket on the floor (Sally was put in her crib), and Timmy would sleep in his room. So off they went to his room.

    When after awhile of trying to go to sleep and couldn't, I wandered into Timmy's room to see what he was doing. And there on his bed was Timmy asleep in diapers and plastic pants. My heart almost stopped. Over on the dresser was a few diapers and plastic pants and baby powder, and I just couldn't help myself. I went over to them and was just feeling them and smelling the powder. I quickly pulled down my shorts, and put a diaper in my underwear, and pulled them up. Just then Katty came in the room. When I saw her, I pulled the diaper out of my pants as fast as I could; she saw the whole thing. She motioned for me to come out of the room. I was so afraid as she walked me to the livingroom. She lovingly sat me down on the sofa and asked me what I was doing in Timmy's room. I start to cry. She just started telling me that she wasn't mad at me, that it is ok for little boys to wonder about things like diapers. But that I should talk to her about how I feel and not to be sneaky about it. She then went on lovingly asking me some questions, the only one I remember the best is, "would you really like to see what it feels like to wear a diaper for awhile?" She could see that I wanted to say YES, but couldn't get it out, so she said, "wait here for awhile". She went to the kitchen and I heard her talking on the phone (I found out later that she called my mother). As she came back she went into Timmy's room and came out with the most beautiful sight in her hands, diapers and plastic pants and baby powder and diaper pins.

    Well you probably know what happened next. She laid the diapers out on the sofa, pulled down my pants, helped me lay down on the diapers, and I had the most beautiful time of my life to that point. She let me wear the diapers and plastic pants even after Timmy woke up, I didn't care if he saw me in them. And even when I had to pee, Katty let me use the diapers. Then she took them off of me and cleaned me and then got me dressed in my clothes again. I was disappointed but I knew mom was coming soon so it was ok. That was the start of a beautiful couply of years until I started school (yes mom let Katty diaper me at will). Because Timmy needed diapers at nighttime even after Sally was trained.

    Well from that point on, although there were some "dry" years, I was a diehard DL. I have been married 35 years to a wonderful women who has been great about my diapers. I wear them every night, and she is fine with that (maybe I can tell how she found out about them sometime). Just this morning she ordered a new onezie and plastic pants for me. And she will even diaper me for bed sometimes when I have had a hard day at work (yes I still work 60 hour weeks) and need some extra confort. We raised 3 great kids who have wonderful mates and our grandkids now.

    So life has been GOOD!!!

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    Welcome to ADISC =)

    I think you must be one of our, if not the, oldest members. I'm sure you'll have a lot to offer to our community. It's great to see that you've enjoyed your life (and long may that continue!)

    It's also nice to see another example of a significant other being open-minded and understanding enough to accept this part of us.

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    Wow! I've seen some people have the shortest post imaginable but I've never seen someone make a intro post this long. Wile there is a toss up between the shortest intro post award, I think that you by far win the longest intro post award!
    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome to Adisc!

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    Glad you joined. It great to have some older generations on the board. With your experience I can't wait to read your comments and other post.

    Again, great to have you here!!!

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    Hi Grandpa. Sounds like over the year you've had a very loving relationship first with your babysitter, your mom and now your lovely wife. How adorable. Yes I'd be fascinated to hear how she found out about your diapers.

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    Wow, welcome Great introduction, it's amazing you remember all of that! Wow, i always think i wish i could have just wore diapers at certain times. When i was near 10 i think, i just remember being out with my dad/sister at theme parks, we used to go all the time. Every 30 minutes or a hour I'd need the toilet. I just wish my parents got fed up and diapered me lol.

    Anyways, yea welcome to the forum, you seem to be a cool legit guy!

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC. Enjoy your time here.

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