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Thread: Accidental #2 while wetting

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    Default Accidental #2 while wetting

    I used to work alone all day on Sundays and I used this as an opportunity to spend the day diapered. I'd drink lotsa water and I would end up having to change a couple of times over the 8hr shift. Well, about halfway through my shift I had the urge to do #2. I don't like to mess myself so I figured I'd go to the bathroom, relieve the #2 in the toilet, and get into a fresh diaper. I bumped into a coworker just outside the men's room and he started up conversation. I didn't want him to follow me into the mens room, so I entertained the conversation. I started getting the urge to pee, but I held it as I did not want to wet in front of him. The urge rapidly built and I decided to release the pee for the sake of my own comfort. Much to my surprise, the act of relaxing to release the pee also released the #2. As this happened I just continued conversation until wrapped up and he went on his way.

    I must admit a guilty thrill to the whole experience. The urgency, the uncontrolled release, being right in front of someone, and the 'close call' factor all combined. Cleanup was ofcourse a drag.

    Has anyone ever experienced that you cannot hold a pending BM while peeing?

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    I do find that sometimes, after a few nights of adult activities, that sometimes my ability to hold my #2 is greatly diminished. In those instances, I go peepee and a little bit of poopy sneaks out!

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    You just really had to go, and your peeing had like a Pavlov effect

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    I had a situation about 30 days ago while out shopping. As I walked up to the store I had a major coughing fit. Thankfully I was wearing at the time so it wasn't a big deal that I wet myself. However I also soiled myself as well while my throat went into spasms. Once I collected myself and stuffed what was left of my lungs back inside myself I made a bee line to the restrooms.

    Once there I realized I had a problem. Not only did I need to change my diaper, I didn't have a spare with me, nor was I otherwise wearing any underwear over my diaper. So with a bit of patience I had to clean myself up well enough that I wouldn't leave a further mess in my blue jeans.

    I now have a few spare diapers sealed up in a bag in my cars trunk. :bf-teddy-beddy:

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    Nope never have. And frankly I'm amazed he didn't smell it when you pooped while talking to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    Nope never have. And frankly I'm amazed he didn't smell it when you pooped while talking to him.
    Actually, so was I. And honestly, I'm not sure that he didn't.

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    I only have had this happen when I have been drinking, really weird to wake up in a messy diaper

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    I find this funny but I can't contribute to this because I don't wear outside my house... yet.

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