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Thread: so, plastic pants??

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    Default so, plastic pants??

    a new place in my tower(a local newly built gym) sells plastic pants that are one-size fits all style and im fairly small for my age(around 100lbs) and they look pretty large. i was thinking of buying a pair and possibly using them in the pool they have there(for the experience). I just wanted to get your opinion on this touchy subject as i do care what people think about me and what would happen when i buy them.


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    It sounds like they'll leak big time. At 100 lbs you might need extra small. They sell extra small on sites. You have to go to teen-age sizes. The first adult plastic pants that I ever bought were these cheap medium sizes, and they didn't fit me. I weigh more around 150. The waist was loose, so the ones you have mentioned will be way too big. At 100 lbs., you could almost wear Gerber toddler size plastic pants. I wore them for years.

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    Yeah, pool pants need to fit tight.

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    I do have experience with those 3 for 10 buck plastic pants, the medium is big enough to wear over an adult medium diaper, but having skinny legs does not help with the leg seals, they just don't fit tight enough around my legs, but the garys medium does.

    You get what you pay for if you just want plastic pants, and don't care how they work buy the cheapies, that is what I did in the beginning, but after buying quality pants, for quite a few bucks more I might add, you will see the difference.

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    "one-size-fits-all" usually means they don't fit anyone right.

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    Did I read this right, a local gym sells adult plastic pants......

    Thats a new one to me.

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    Interesting you bringing this up. Lots of public places now require a good protection for anyone that is incontinent, especially fecal incontinence. Never mind that urine gets into the pool, the chlorine can handle that, it's the other that becomes a problem. So tight fit plastic pants so some type of swim diaper are made available at most of the public places.

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    Plastic pants are for covering a diaper/pull-on pants that provide a seal for containment of fecal matter. As was stated pools get peed in all the time. No brown trout allowed. lol

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