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Thread: The puppy formerly known as Distant_Wolf

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    Smile The puppy formerly known as Distant_Wolf

    Hi everyone, I've changed my name, so I thought it might be time for a bit of a re-introduction.

    I've been hanging around here for a while now (including back when ADISC was I used to consider myself both AB/DL and furry when I first joined, but now I'm happy to call myself a babyfur - hence the name change.

    I've changed my name on here from Distant_Wolf to Puppyluvs mostly for consistency, since thats what I've been calling myself in the ADISC irc chatroom, and on other sites like Furaffinity for a while now.

    So a bit about me:

    I live in New Zealand, where the furry population is lively, but the *B/DL population is fairly quiet.

    I've been into diapers (nappies!) ever since I can remember, and have considered myself furry since I found out about the 'fandom' when I was around 18.

    These days I'm in a happy (gay) relationship with another furry. He's not into babyfur stuff himself, but he doesn't mind that I am.

    My other interests include photography, design, cooking, reading, writing, marketing, films (<3 noir). Oh, and I'm a mac geek.

    I don't post all that much unless I feel like I have something I can contribute to a thread, but I do hang out here and in the ADISC chat room most days.

    I'm always happy to talk to new people, so stop past my profile and say hi sometime

    xxx Puppyluvs

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    Well, welcome back to ADISC with your new name, Puppyluvs. Enjoy your time here.

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    Oh noes. Its a crazy kiwi. *hides the sheep*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puppyluvs View Post
    I live in New Zealand, where the furry population is lively, but the *B/DL population is fairly quiet.
    Must be all the sheep.
    Anyway - welcome back to ADISC =D

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    WELCOME BACK TO ADISC! Nice and extensive reintro as well! I myself use Windows but love using Safari though. It is epic. Well, I hope that you enjoy your nice and warm welcome back.

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    Welc- err... Re-welcome to Adisc. Nice to have ya back.

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    *hugs everyone*

    I should point out that I never went anywhere... I just changed my screen name, and never really posted a full introduction originally, so I thought it was time to post a bit more about me.

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