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Thread: When do you pee in your diaper?

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    Default When do you pee in your diaper?

    When and where do you pee in your diaper? At the store? Walking down the street? On the treadmill at the gym? When talking to someone? If yes, whom are you talking to? In bed before getting up? I am curious about people's habits. Thanks for sharing.

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    my favorite place to wet my diaper is standing on my porch in the early morning, especially in the fall or early winter when it's chilly out. Just standing there in my my basketball shorts, socks, t-shirt and of course my diaper; surveying the neighborhood under the gray morning sky, smelling the dew, then wetting my diaper in the chilly air, enjoying the contrast

    sorry if i went into extreme detail, this is a real favorite of mine

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    Either lying on my back (or sometimes, but not often, my belly) or standing up. More often than not I'll be in bed. I'm not confident that I won't leak in any other position, and I can hold it in anyway so why take the risk? If I need to go I will no matter where I am or who I'm talking to (that's if I'm wearing a diaper, of course).

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    If I'm padded, I go whenever I feel the urge. Unless it's when I just woke up, because it can never absorb a full bladder.

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    well when i am wearing i just go i mean i have no hold back except for low grade diapers

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    I like wetting when the urge to pee hits me at all, I feel so babyish when I have to pee in the middle of doing something and I just do it hehe

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    Pretty much whenever/wherever I have to go, I go ^^;

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    I usually go when I'm padded in the car or at home when I'm cuddled up on the sofa.

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    Well i can finally answer diaper questions since i FINALLY got to wear a diaper after years of poverty and no moneys. :3 I was a little nervous to use it cause it was a crappy depends pull up a friend gave me, so i only went once, and i held it for like 5 hours before i nearly bursted. Finally went and stood in front of my dresser, and let go. ^_^ i cant answer the when since it was only once, but the where, for my first time was in my room, at nearly midnight.

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