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Thread: A Nightmare on Elm Street

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    Default A Nightmare on Elm Street

    My horror icon of all time. I grew up with this series and loved every second of it. Such a unique and fun character Freddy Krueger is, especially compared to others like Michael, Jason, etc. Freddy always had that special sick in the head and cynical yet comical approach to the killing of others that I loved. I'm actually looking forward to a remake for once. If this trailer is any indication of what to expect, I'm gonna be very very pleased. Please don't fuck it up Hollywood.

    YouTube - A Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer #2 (REMAKE)

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    I do have to say, if they had to pick anybody except Robert Englund, they picked the right guy!

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    Wow, I loved the original and by the look of things this might be on the of the few good remakes.
    It really draws you in, I REALLY hope Hollywood don't screw this up.

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    Yeah, i hate every horror movie that has more than about 3 sequels, but the trailer for this looked so great. My favorite part was the end where the lady says "this might sting a bit" so creepy.

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    Dude has such a recognizable voice now. Hear him in the trailer and I immediately had the Watchmen qutoes going through my head. I'm not super into slasher flicks. Seen a few of the Halloween movies, some of the Friday the 13ths and others, but I've never seen a Freddy movie. I doubt it'll be movie, but for what it is it could be solid. The way they did the new Friday th 13th was kinda cool in that they sorta merged the first few movies, so maybe this will be interesting in it's own way. Every movie has the same stuff going on anyways, so hopefully they can throw some cool new twists into this one. Also, Rorschach.

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    Ugggg. Love the movie, but he is what gave me nightmares as a kid. It was horrable. I would be awake in countles hours of the night till I basicly passed out. The only movie I didnt agree with was fredy vs jason. Why combind the 2 anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornkid View Post
    The only movie I didnt agree with was fredy vs jason. Why combind the 2 anyway.
    that's like saying why combine aliens and predator. Because if you do it's just total freaking fun!

    Granted the movies sucked ass. The comic books/games are better made.

    Though they really they a Freddy vs. Jason. Vs Ash movie. Only this time, they shouldn't screw it up.

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    Jason Voorhees & Micheal Myers would put a hurt on Freddy Krueger!! The issues that I have with Freddy are; he talks too much, plays around too much & rarely, if ever, uses his clawed hand to kill!!

    On talking too much, I like how Jason & Micheal don't talk & do what they do best in their movies!!
    On playing around too much, while it can be fun, it gets old quick!! I prefer the styles of Voorhees & Myers, just get it over with & move on to the next victim!!

    Now to the big one, the iconic clawed hand of Freddy!! He rarely uses it!! I mean, come on, if you have something like that to use, why not use it? Why go to all that trouble to toy around with people in their dreams like he does!! Just pull them into dreamland & go to town with the claw!!

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    Will it get bad reviews? Probably.
    Will it do well at the box office? Most likely.
    Will you horror fans enjoy it? Definitely.

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    I love Freddy for entirely different reasons than you it seems Icey. Killers who don't talk are boring. How can you relate to a person who has no personality to them other then being a mindless killing machine? The Freddy series is the exact opposite for me. He's full of personality. Of course you didn't get to really see that side come from him till about the fourth film in because they wanted to make Freddy more serious from the start. Once his comical side came out though, oh yeah ...good stuff..

    I like how you complain about the fact he doesn't kill with his claws enough. I'm glad he doesn't! How boring would that be after oh let's say three films in? His killing tactics are creative, he gets inside your head, and completely messes with your head. You're looking at the claws and not seeing the clear picture here. The claws are used to intimidate more than anything. I seen him use fears, I seen him use someones greatest passion against them to kill them. How bad would that suck to be killed by what you love in life? That's kinda the point of being a heartless demon from hell though. Jason doesn't have shit on Freddy and never will. It's the same formula every time for him and it's boring. Myers is worse than Jason in my opinion though, so I will give you that. Halloween series is so stale that I can't help but wonder how it ever got popular.

    What has me worried...

    I admit I read a script that was going around. Hey I'm a fan, sue me. In this version, Freddy isn’t a killer or molestor, he’s just a highschool janitor that’s kinda weird and anti-social. Some girls looking for attention tell their parents he molested/raped them.. cops investigate and find him innocent. So he goes free, but the parents don’t believe their kids would lie to them and figure the cops were incompetent. They go the vigilante justice route and kill innocent Mr. Kruger. So naturally Freddy comes back to kill the kids that made up the story that got him killed. Final thoughts? Grrrrr.

    I’m not saying scripts can’t change but I don’t doubt for a second they will take the aforementioned route. That’s always the catch22 with remakes. They try to modernize it to today’s world and sacrifice what made the film successful to begin with. I really hope I'm wrong though and this was just a rough script of a possible direction to take.

    After a interview with Jackie Earle Haley and Samuel Bayer, when asked..
    "Is there sympathy for this Freddy?"
    Both answered...
    "Not really, not anymore then Robert Englunds version, let’s just say this Freddy’s alot darker and screwed up."

    If this is true, then I'm gonna be pretty damn happy come April.
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