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Thread: Scotland v England Rugby Game!

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    Default Scotland v England Rugby Game!

    Well in two weeks time (Saturday the 13th March) a lot of rowdy rugby fans will be descening onto my lovely city (Edinburgh) for this hard fought match!

    I'll be working that weekend, and we're already planning our strategy (to kilt, or not to kilt? Will we survive the beatings if we wear a rugby shirt?) for when the masses appear after the match!

    I reckon England will win, but I'll be cheering for Scotland until the bitter end!!

    Who's side are you on?
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    England of course :P

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    Scotland. I don't know why, as I'm over here in the colonies.

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    Being an Englishman living in Scotland... I have to say I really couldn't care less. =P

    I don't really follow the rugby. Sorry. Go England.

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    Go Scotland woo, should be a good match and i say go kilted, its the only way, think of the freedom. Also today its Ireland V England. This one is going to be awesome and not just becaues i got Fifty E riding on the match (Euro's not drugs). Come On IRELAND!!!!

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    Scotland methinks

    I will be getting my kilt out and heading down t'pub, however I don't think i can handle another result like the Wales game.

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