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    Default History Channel

    Who here watches this channel & what is your favourite program on it?

    Mine is the series "Life After People"!! I love all the CGI they use to show the decay of buildings, cars & other objects that people would leave behind!! I also like how they take you to places that have already been abandoned by people to show how those places have fared without people being there & how the environment they are in speeds up or slows down decay!!

    It also plays on emotions too, in one episode, the Arch in St. Louis fell to decay, weathering & wind!! Seeing a beloved part of my life, even though it was done with CGI, no longer shine & then collaspe, kinda got to me a little bit!!

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    The Universe, Modern Marvels and life after people are my top 3 favorite shows on history. My dad watches anything about WW2 though.

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    It used to be pretty bad. I called it the Hitler channel because 80% of the shows were about WWII.

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    i like pawn stars. mabye some one will try and sell some diapers to the shop one day

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    I don't watch much TV, but if I'm flicking through channels and The Universe is on, I will watch it.

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    I like a programme on history called "how earth was made".

    Its basically about volcanoes and earthquakes and other natural disasters. I watched a particularly interesting one the other night about the San Andreas Fault. It basically explains whats going happen because of all the history behind the previous events from all the geology and all the different layers in the rocks formations and stuff. The future doesnt look to good put it that way! What really annoys me is that this programme is on about 1am onwards most of the time.

    Another programme I like is called "cities of the underworld", where this guy explores all these underground tunnels and structures carved out from thousands of years to only 100 years, from romans, to WW2. I find it very interesting.

    I also like abit of WW2 stuff also.

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    I've watched it, but I don't frequently watch anything in particular so I'm neither a fan or someone who dislikes the channel.

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    I love The History Channel! My favorite shows on it are American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Lock N Load, UFO Hunters, and of course Modern Marvels! Life After People is good too, but I can't get into it as much as the others. The set LAP up as if humanity just disappeared one day under mysterious circumstances; I don't like that. Though I don't really care for all of the WWII stuff that they show on the channel constantly. There is more history than the WWII era!

    I also like some of the specials that they have like "Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed" and "Rumrunners, Bootleggers, and Moonshiners."

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    I like the History Channel back when it did history. I still enjoy watching modern marvels, but things like monster quest and UFO hunters make me think the station is currently being run by a bunch of chimps.

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