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    By giving you a thread to give me advice and such. I know, I'm like a total tool starting yet another thread like this, but whatever.

    Figure on ordering some diapers through the internet thing. I haven't worn any since... like... a long time ago. A few years at least. Back then I just bought some attends from the grocery store, but thems weren't that good, ya know? Anyways, I'm always hearing about all these fancy brands out there like tena, maxi, molicare and all sorts of other ones, and I was wondering what would you guys recomend? I know, I know, there's probably like 3000 other threads like this, but screw that noise, I'm just asking now. So yeah, price isn't really a big deal as long as it's reasonable, and other than that I'm just wondering what's good. Appreciate some suggestions.

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    I would get the biggest bang for the buck, all diapers are decent, but by adding a stuffer to any diaper it becomes a better diaper.

    I think you would get more enjoyment buy buying any diaper you can find with a plastic cover and adding as much stuffing you need to make it better.

    Buy what you can afford and then enjoy.

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    Freakin everywhere I check is in the US and shipping is like 30 bucks extra. Not into paying more for mail than the diapers themselves. If anybody knows some solid Canadian stores online it would be neato for you to fill me in.

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    I would recommend abena abri-form x-plus. Look on in buy it now.

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    Bambino's, Dry 24/7's, Abena X-plus, Molicare, Secure X-plus, ABU brand's are supposed to be alright too.

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    It's all about finding what fits you best, keeps your dryest. Buy small packs at first, figure out which works for you!

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    Speaking as a fellow Canadian, is pretty much tops as far as ordering diapers online in Canada. The owner is very helpful and will answer any questions you have and help you find the right size. For disposables, they sell Bambinos and Abenas, which are both really good, and they also sell cloth diapers and plastic pants if you're interested in trying those out at all.

    The really nice thing about B4NS is that they include the price of shipping in the price of their disposables, so you don't get hit with an extra charge at checkout. Maybe that increases the price of the diapers at the front end, I don't know, but it is nice to avoid that kind of sticker shock. They also ship Canada post, so you can have them delivered to a P.O. box, if you have one. Shipping is in plain brown boxes with the a personal return address on it and, because their shipping within Canada, they don't have the customs declaration that international packages shipping to Canada have.

    All in all, I highly recommend B4NS.

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