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Thread: The Distraction Thread

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    Default The Distraction Thread

    Post here when you're in class, or some other place, where you're distracted by this website because you're so incredibly bored. Tell us what you're suppose to be doing that's so boring.

    Or, if you're not busy and looking at this, tell us what you do when you're bored in class so that you may save the rest of us from general insanity.

    I'm sitting in Theatre class right now listening to my professor going on about non-profit theatres for about 45 minutes now... ugh..

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    I'm at work. There are no clients coming in. My paperwork is finished!

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    I should be doing my schoolwork right now, I have a quiz in math and thats about it, but I need to watch mondays class recording to figure out tangents to some extent before I take the quiz. I realy don't want to do that right now, it's going to feel like a waste of a half an hour...

    I have lots of time though, I'll just go for a walk and then do it when I get back...

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    I'm sitting at home, supposed to be reading the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for school.

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    I suffer from ADD so I get distracted easily in college. But I think I'm getting medication for it soon.

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    Should be writing a 5 page essay, a lab for physiology, lab for chemistry and 2 math assignments.

    Yeah, I should be able to finish by 5am

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    I should be in bed, ive got a job interview tomorrow. Being on here takes my mind off it.

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    I'm supposed to be doing my homework on sit-coms right now (that's right, I go to college to study sit-coms), which doesn't sound borring, but I'm stuck on one of the questions. The question is "Watch a clip and identify the audience pleasures."

    That doesn't make any sense!

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