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Thread: Hello from Michigan!

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    Default Hello from Michigan!

    Hi All.

    I am a DL from SE Michigan. I've been into this since I can remember, and enjoy wearing and using whenever I can.


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    What else are you into besides diapers?

    You are about the right age. Have you ever seen KISS in concert? I liked their local shows, but have always heard that they put on their best shows in Detroit.

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    Welcome to ADISC. I look forward to you're opinions in the thread. And hope its warm over there than it is here in iowa.

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    I just saw KISS at Cobo Arena a few months ago, the opening weekend of their new tour. They ROCKED!

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    Well hello there, greetings from a fellow SE Michigan native. Any hobbies or interest besides diapers (and KISS concerts, lol)?

    How about sports? Music? TV? Games? Drugs?

    Hope you enjoy your stay here, hop in whenever you want .

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    Quote Originally Posted by spddan View Post

    How about sports? Music? TV? Games? Drugs?
    I think that we are not supposed to assume that every newbie is into drugs despite popular belief.

    Welcome to ADISC! Do we have another Detroit Lions fan here? Cause that will make some interesting conversation here (even though you guys did beat my Washington Redskins last season ). I have just noticed a trend of a lot more Michigan folk around here these days. Well, I do hope that you enjoy your time here and that you also enjoy our vast and supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

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