Three changes have been made to ADISC as a result of requests by members.

They are:

  1. Ignore Threads: It is now possible to ignore threads. Ignored threads don't show up in your "unread posts" searches, nor do they show up when you view the forum they are in. This was requested here by CuteGaachan.
    1. To ignore a thread you're reading, use the "Ignore This Thread" option in the thread tools menu.
    2. To ignore a thread while viewing search results or the list of threads in a forum, use the "X" icon that appears to the left of the thread's "last post" information.
    3. To unignore a thread, go to your UserCP, select "Ignored Threads", and use the "Stop Ignoring This Thread" option.
    4. To ignore ALL threads in a particular forum or subforum, use the "Forums To Exclude From View" option at the bottom of your UserCP's "Options" page.

  2. More Visible Social Groups: If you're a member of any social groups, you will now see a informative box on the homepage that tells you if they have new posts since you last checked them. This was requested by Trevor.
  3. Larger Profile Pictures: Profile picture size limits have been increased, from 100x100 to 200x200. This was requested here by mm3.