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Thread: Restoring an old mechanical keyboard (1984 IBM Model M)

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    Default Restoring an old mechanical keyboard (1984 IBM Model M)

    I was looking through my computer junk and came across an IBM Model M Keyboard. The best fucking keyboard ever

    Its old, dirty, and its missing the Space Bar. But I am going to Restore it so that I am can have a nice, relaxing, clicky sound

    I'm sure that someone here must have experience with restoring old keyboards, especially one this old, I don't want to damage it. Usually I work with computers themselves and not their peripherals. Any tips? THanks!

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    I can't help you on your restoration. I think I would try to find another damaged one, but one that had a working space bar. I know what you're saying about the harder, clicking action. I liked those too.

    A lot of keyboards have keys that snap in and out. As long as the plastic parts that hold it in place aren't broken, you should be o.k., but if you have to glue plastic, it's probably not going to hold up.

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