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Thread: Test your *B/DL/BF level

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    Default Test your *B/DL/BF level

    Quote Originally Posted by Smallwithdungareeson View Post The ABDL Test Male version Test

    Found this in the you can test what you are.
    Full credit to that user ^ I figured this would be a cool thing to try.

    Post your results and if you agree/disagree with them.

    My results: "You scored 12 diaper purity, 38 baby purity, 10 sissy purity, and 9 Furry purity"

    I, personally, don't agree with these results. 90% of the questions were directly affected by my inability to hide diapers while living at home. Also, for every single question related to furries (except the do you like animals one) I simply put "I am not a furry" or some such.

    I'm not against the test, I think it was really cool. I think I may re-take it when I move out and can get diapers to get a more accurate score.

    Have fun and be honest.

    EDIT: Take The The ABDL Test Female version Test <--- this is the Female test

    EDIT2: You don't need to "save your results" at the end. Just click to NOT save your results and you get taken directly to your results without having to fill out information and stuff.
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    You scored 15 diaper purity, 49 baby purity, 9 sissy purity, and 24 Furry purity!

    -tbh I dont know how I got 15 points in DL, I just answered randomly when it asked the brand of the diapers :P
    -didnt expect to have 9 points in sissy at all >.>

    overall, it was a nice quizz hehe

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    curious tester
    You scored 13 diaper purity, 34 baby purity, 8 sissy purity, and 29 Furry purity
    You really aren't that into Diapers are you?
    I did really bad but it's just some test.

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    Little ollie


    Diaper Lover

    You scored 19 diaper purity, 38 baby purity, 9 sissy purity, and 9 Furry purit

    Don't really agree with it, especially on the sissy part.

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    That was stupid as fuck. I just wasted 5 minutes of my life.

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    You scored 16 diaper purity, 38 baby purity, 4 sissy purity, and 12 Furry purity!
    Yeah, some of those questions weren't quite general enough to match me and I just picked the best answer. The diaper one is a bit low, 19 -21 seems more appropriate. Otherwise I think it was mostly accurate...

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    I did the female version for a laugh and I got a better result

    Diaper Lover
    You scored 22 diaper purity, 39 baby purity, 3 LG purity, and 33 Furry purity!
    You are an adult who loves diapers . . . a lot.
    Weird o.O.

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    Your result for The ABDL Test Male version Test ...

    You scored 14 diaper purity, 40 baby purity, 13 sissy purity, and 53 Furry purity!

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    You scored 19 diaper purity, 42 baby purity, 11 sissy purity, and 9 Furry purity!
    I was honest(ish), and look where it got me, embarasing sissy levels.
    The american diapers kinda threw me a bit.

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    You and me both Error. I didn't want to give my screen name and other information. I wonder how that will come back to bite people in the ass?

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