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Thread: Who'd you rather?: The Celebrity Edition

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    Default Who'd you rather?: The Celebrity Edition

    This is a common game for many teenage boys and I will say this all started when I was watching the Cavaliers-Magic basketball game and I just saw something in Cavaliers player Anderson Varejao. I am never used to being attracted in bulky men but there was something in the face that just made me go WOW. Now, I hope that this site can be a mature environment for this little question I am posting here but at least I found something interesting in the Cleveland Cavaliers rather than the usual LeBron James crying fit when they lose. Especially after the popularity of the cartoon version of this question made a couple of weeks earlier: Which Cartoon Character Would You Most Like To Shag?

    And for those who are confused as to who Anderson Varejao is, here is a picture courtesy of Wikipedia:

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