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Thread: When's winter over?

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    Default When's winter over?

    For all of you in the DMV area (DC-MD-VA) area I can say that after 4' of snow in the last 2 weeks today is just a perfect day outside for February. I have the window open now, and I am really feeling the 40 degree weather with the melting snow and the vibrantness of the day. I can remember all those winters when we would have a week of weather in the 50s and the 60s and it would be relaxing. But alas, we got pummeled with snow this year and am now counting the days until spring. So, I guess the question at hand is does anybody desperately want spring to arrive like myself? We have had a hectic winter and I do wish it was March 21st already! So, who is interested in this thread of desperation and wish?

    And for those outside of the US, the temperature units are in Fahrenheit, so we aren't experiencing weather in the hundreds... yet.

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    I totally agree!

    I just ventured out to a little shopping center by my house for a little stroll. I am anticipating some Spring-ish weather for DC so I can start to really enjoy my days off!

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    The DC area is getting a just a taste of what go's on just a little further north all winter long.

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    I am now saying that this snow can effectively melt in around a week. Especially if the rain can carry a lot of it around to the drains. But there will be a lot of flooding around in addition of places that will probably be delayed tomorrow.

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    That happend up here a few weeks back we had a decent snow storm and then we got a 2" rain, it came close to flooding on the main river and did flood small streams and caused quite abit of damage.

    I think places on the mississippi will have quite a bit of flooding this year, I hope it isn't as bad as it was a few years back, but all the snow has to go someplace sooner or later, the low temps are just holding off the flooding for now.

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    I'm ready for spring here in central Virginia. We got over 2 feet of snow, followed by an ice storm. The back yard is still 6'' thick, mostly ice. It's hard on the dog. I'm ready for Spring Break and me hitting the bike trail.

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    aaahhhh... I love toronto. It snowed a couple of days ago, but it all melted before the next day. It was 3C here today, and really sunny with no wind.
    Spring is already here.

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    Butterfly Mage


    From a religious standpoint, winter is over on Ostara (March 21). But I can already feel a gathering increase in life energy in the dormant trees. I think they will awaken soon. I love spring. It's just so sacred.

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    :bunny:I agree with Butterfly Mage, Spring is a most sacred time of year!

    It has been unseasonably warm here (Southern Oregon) for most of the winter. As a result we've cleared about a half acre of land that had been overtaken by Himalayan Blackberries (the scourge invasive plant of the Pacific Northwest). The past few days have been in the 60's (F). Bought and planted two 12 foot Peach trees this weekend. Now all we need are a couple of apricot trees and a fig tree to complete our orchard.

    Set posts and wire for our grapes - looks like a mini-vineyard (Our four main grapevines stretch the entire 25 foot length. Posts and wires for our raspberries will be done this week. Getting ready to plumb about 100 - 150 feet of outdoor water pipe (garden faucets and such). I've already trenched most of the runs.

    We'll be getting 10 more Japanese Maples to plant. Blueberry (10 more) Currant (3 more), Raspberry (6 more) Gooseberry (2 more) bushes Rhubarb (6 more) and 100 more strawberry plants will be next. We'll have to fence all these areas as well due to the (damn) deer.

    I've been propagating more Wisteria, Willows and Grapes. So we'll be locating and planting more of them.

    Plantings of Rhododendrons, Ferns and Azaleas will be scattered under the evergreen trees on our side hill by summer.

    Along with all that we bought and refurbished a lake boat (we call it our Ratty Boat after the Rat's boat from Wind in the Willows, one of our favorite stories), built two utility/camping trailers and have made great headway on our drywall, arches and closets in our house.

    We might build a chicken coop and yard this spring as well.

    It has been a stellar winter and early spring in our little burrow. I love my doe rabbit and the little life we have here on our idyllic 6 acres with a stream (Coyote Creek). Crap - Maybe this should have been a blog!:bunny:
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    Butterfly Mage


    D-Rabbit: That must be so cool to have room to plant all those trees. I'm a city dweller, so I have to go to the state parks to see trees in abundance. Fortunately, the NCR trail is only a 10-minute drive from my house and it is very pretty.

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