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    Kinda relating to Pojo's closed post back in 03/2009, have you ever had a preconcieved notion based on someone's username, age, etc.?
    What's your take on older or younger members? Do you have a specific mental image of the 'typical' *b/dl?
    I used to have the stereotypical 'older, heavy-set, hairy man in bambinos' mindset, but the meet up I went to helped that out. Still need to get past the 'all *b/dl users are white' mindset though. What brought this on was when I mentioned my age on IRC and someone was like 'ewww' in a joking manner. This is the topic that popped in my head.
    So what's your take on preconcieved mental images based on user's divulged info?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm older, not too hairy, and very physically fit! Of the friends and coworkers that approximate my age, I am by far the trimmest and healthiest. I guess being a vegetarian that exercises and doesn't drink or smoke does help quite a bit!

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    The biggest preconceptions I (perhaps quite rightly) fall foul to, is automatically ignoring someone who's username is something like 'poopydiapers123'; or those that don't make an effort to spell and punctuate their posts at all.
    A more comprehensive view is that because I read all of the rules and stickies telling you how to post etc., I assume that everyone else should do too. Unfortunately that's not always the case and I generally develop a distaste of those that evidently just ignored everything.

    I might fall into the 'all *b/dl users are white' category, but not because I thought that it couldn't possibly be otherwise. It's more because all the pictures I've seen of ABDLs on the internet have been white, and where I live black people are a very small minority, so when I think of a person I naturally think white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodlandWanderer View Post
    The biggest preconceptions I (perhaps quite rightly) fall foul to, is automatically ignoring someone who's username is something like 'poopydiapers123'; or those that don't make an effort to spell.
    I have misconceptions about them too, I sometimes think of them as a typical Deeker. And I used to think as older members as fat, hairy white guys but then again I haven't met any other AB/DL in person.

    I think everyone has preconceptions about most groups particularly one that is heavily based online like ours. However most if not all preconceptions are eventually proved false.

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    Ihave been to many get-togethers with a number of LGs (that stands for Little Girl, which is basically a person who age-plays as a little girl rather than a baby. While most LGs are genetically male, there is a fair percentage of genetic females as well.) I'd say I have met close to 100 over the last decade, if not more than that. Add in ABs and it is closer to 200... At any rate, the first time I was going to go, I was worried. On the Internet, I can easily see the "LG", but that can put a pre-conceived image in one's mind. I was worried that when I saw the physical, it would spoil it.

    Likewise, I myself am subject to the very same thing. When I first discovered LG, I was under 30 and I could easily fit into a girls size 16 dress... even 14 in some cases. Now I about burst the seams... lol. I've put on close to 20 lbs since then.

    There are some things you can do to enhance your appearance, from the clothes you wear, down to styling of hair (or a wig if you must), shaving the body hair, and wearing a (small) amount of make-up to cover that persistent 5 O'clock shadow, but for LGs it is not like the rest of the TG world, who are into "passing". While a genetic male can do enough to pass as a female in society, an LG knows she is never going to fool a blind man in a dark alley at midnight into thinking she's physically really a little girl.

    Such is the same with adult babies. We'll never look like a real baby (although when one gets REALLY old...... never mind....). Often I see guys post photo sets of themselves saying, "Aren't I so cute," and it's almost always the same thought in my mind - "Um - NO!" It is usually the old, hairy, fat guy that others are talking about in this thread. I mean - he didn't even TRY to cute himself up in most cases - just threw on a diaper and pi$$ed it, and decided that made him cute and everyone else would want to see it.

    OK - so back to my original point. I had nothing to worry about. For me, I don't see what I was afraid I was going to see - which is, "a bunch of guys running around in dresses". Sure, maybe that is TECHNICALLY what we are, but that isn't what I see. I don't necessarily physically see a cute little 6 year old either - that would be delusional, now wouldn't it? I look at them and see my friends, and the physical side doesn't matter anymore.

    So perhaps the same could be said for AB. Don't let the physical side become such a big issue. I'm talking to myself as much as anyone else. The pictures I have posted (and subsequently removed ... posting pictures of yourself is a really bad idea... chalk it up to a "6-year-old" naivety...) were more for my friends and myself than anyone else; I am not above realizing that someone else could look at them and say, "OMFG.... what IS that??"

    Hmm. Where'd this soapbox come from anyway?

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