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    How do you get most comfortable sitting in office chairs, cars, airplanes...? What's your trick if you have one?

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    It's not as much 'sitting in,' as it is 'sitting on.'

    Sitting in- Bathtub, chair, car.

    Sitting on- Throne, Enemy's face, mountain of riches.

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    In two ways: (1) bulk between the legs, i.e. pressure on the perineum, and (2) pressure on the hip bones. It's more comfortable when I slouch, i.e. move pressure back toward my buttocks, but slouching is just not always an option.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheely View Post
    In what way is it uncomfortable?

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    For me, it actually feels MORE comfortable to sit on an object while wearing a diaper than not wearing one. Due to a lack of natural cushion in my butt sitting on hard seats is very uncomfortable. With a diaper on it feels great sitting on any surface, even stiff bicycle seats. :3

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    It doesn't put any pressure on that area unless** you sit on a hard, flat surface, like a stool or bench. Sort of makes me numb in a funny way after a while. Not unpleasent, just strange.

    Everywhere else is pretty much cozier.

    **depending on the thickness of the diaper

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    I have actually never had much of a problem. If anything its just walking around all day for ne.

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    As long as the chair has some padding to it, I haven't had any problems. Now when I get really wet, I will sit on the edge of the chair and or slouch so that my full body weight isn't pushing down on the wet diaper to keep from press out.

    The only time it is uncomfortable a little is if I am using a soaker/doubler inside my diaper.

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