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Thread: has anybody felt this way?

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    Question has anybody felt this way?

    I'm wondering has anybody felt like them liking diapers is kinda stupid. I love diapers and everything but when i compare it to what other guys my age (15) like it makes me feel weird.

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    I feel weird masturbating to things that would make grown japanese men rethink their lives, but I do anyway.

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    I'm sure everyone feels like that at at some point. I've gone from being okay with it to thinking it's disgusting multiple times in one day alone. You just have to accept yourself for it. I doubt anyone on this site would say that they NEVER feel like this stuff was too weird.

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    Yes, this is odd. It is disgusting. Yet, there is nothing wrong with it.

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    i keep thinkin this it is such a weird fetish if u think about it lik wearing diapers it is soo wierd but i like it

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    Meh as my Girlfriend has said there much weirder fetishes out there then this one.

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    As Klezst said, there are weirder ones.

    Better in my opinion then getting turned on by having sex while insects crawl on you.

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    Fetishes come in different boxes and packages. I would say that Diapers is absolutely not the worst of them.

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