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Thread: if you didn't like the person...

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    Default if you didn't like the person...

    if you didn't like a particular person on the forum, would you read their threads or try to shy away from them. if a big part of the forum was participating in said thread would you participate or still stay away because you don't like the person?

    imo, if i didn't like a person i would participate in their discussions but i would be easily angered by that person so i probably shouldn't :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    If I don't like a person, I hit the ignore button. Saves me time.
    ^ Agreed

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    I dunno... Usually when I don't like someone on a forum, I stand alone, but all their friends begin to dislike me, so I generally leave the forum itself. Not saying you should, but since I stand alone in internet drama (I do it for the lulz, but if it's serious, then I just leave), I don't have anyone to back me up. If it's just "I don't disagree with this person", it would depend on what the topic is. I generally just look at the topic.

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    Hitting the ignore button is an option for a person, but what about a thread that keeps turning up like a bad penny? I primarily keep up with forums by looking at active topics. Is there a way to ignore a thread?

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    If I don't like somebody because they annoy me, I probably wouldn't read their thread. But if it looked juicy, then I would.

    Quote Originally Posted by khaymen View Post
    Is there a way to ignore a thread?
    Not that I know of, but that would be a good feature!

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    I don't dislike someone enough to ignore them or anything like that. If I just don't care for them, I won't make it a point to respond to anything they say, unless it's a good point.

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    But this forum doesn't have an ignore button.

    When I don't like someone, I'd rather not be their friend. I don't stop reading heir posts unless my dislike was that strong and I don't avoid them like a plague unless my dislike for them is that strong. I also don't respond to their posts, threads yeah because they are for everyone to read and my posts are for everyone to read. I can respond to their posts but that depends. It's not black and white for me.

    But if someone utterly annoys me and I can't stand their posts because they are provoking me, I add them to ignore (if the forum has an ignore option of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    If I don't like a person, I hit the ignore button. Saves me time.
    i think when he says he would hit the ignore button, he is talking about the irc. granted the irc is a lot worse for people i don't like because responses are instantaneous. albeit their are a lot of people i don't like on irc (attention whores, conceited people, snarky people...ect) hitting the ignore button sometimes works :P

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    Sometimes you have to deal with complicated and annoying people in life and I would just avoid posting in their threads. Don't want to start some more drama because I have done it before. (not here of course)

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