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    Default Once and for all

    OK so since i have been a DL for some time, i am aware that there is a great debate as to which brand is best...

    this week i ordered Molicares, bambinos, AND abri X plus....they have finally arrived

    i intend to settle the arguement over which is best once and for all...

    i realize that that WONT happen, but it is my intention to try

    i will be posting pics, and blogs on other sites, but i will definitely be here too updating on how things go this week

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    You do realize that the debates over which is best will NEVER EVER end unless some super new brand that is absolutely awesome is released? It is all based solely on opinion and that is why there are debates.

    Wherever there is mixed opinion, you will get people trying to force their opinion, thinking it the 'correct' one.

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    Dry 24/7 is better than all of those.........

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    I've got to mention that I've been using Abriform Supers (aka M2 for a medium) with a Pampers 7 stuffer for a long time, but decided to try the Abriform Extra even though the statistics did not seem that much better than the Super. Well I was wrong. The Extra (aka M3) is wonderful! It is not as bulky as the Abriform X, so it can be worn without making me paranoid that someone will notice, yet it feels like I'm diapered, whereas the Super did not make me feel that way unless it was stuffed. Also the Extra can absorb a significant amount more pee. I'm really happy with it for a night diaper! I don't even need a stuffer for it at night. I will still wear a Super for times I want something thinner, but I privately smile more when I wear an Extra. Check it out.

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