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Thread: mafia (checking for interest)

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    Lightbulb mafia (checking for interest)

    I know mafia is a thread game and if it ends up actually being made I'll put it in the fun and games forum as it should be but as a lot of people don't go there and this is a more serious game then most and some people who don't go to the fun and games board could very well enjoy it I'm posting this thread here.

    Well, the game is originally made as a party game. But it's also possible to play the game in a thread. It's a game of logics. If you don't know it look at it and give it a thought.

    Me and mizzy would like to set up a game on adisc, Mizzy has the experience to lead the game well and I would like to try too. Also I can lock the thread during the night phase.

    So my question to you all is who all would like to play?

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    I would be quite interested in playing this. I have played it quite a few times before and enjoyed it.

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    This is like, my favorite game EVER!!!

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    wait, how would the gangsters be able to discretelly point out a guy to shank? maybe a mirc channel where they can talk?

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    If Oniichan is in, I'm in.

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    Sounds interesting. I usually don't do RP, but I would be interested in playing.

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    Sounds like fun. I would defenetly do it. Depends what they set up though.

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    GAH! I hate this game...

    I'm in

    (I hate it because this is literally how the first round goes:

    BANG Dakota is dead


    BANG. Dakota isn't dead. He must be mafia. Vote him out. WTF MAN!)

    Yeah, I miss Drama class... so much fun times. lol

    BTW, we had a slight variation. We never had a sheriff.

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    Well, we have 7 so it looks like it'll be possible to play. Before it shoots up very fast now I have to say that there is a limit of 16 people. Please who wants to play let mizzy and me know how much experience they have.

    Quote Originally Posted by toze View Post
    wait, how would the gangsters be able to discretelly point out a guy to shank? maybe a mirc channel where they can talk?
    They talk in PM. Then one of them PMs to mizzy and me their answer and that's that. But if they really want they can discuss it in whatever way they want.

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