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    My name was Shuiikei on TBDL, but I decided to revert to Musing.Dog.
    I didn't post a whole lot, but I lurked a bit.

    I'm 16 in homeschooling; 11th grade in Florida. I am a TB with a DL side, I suppose.
    TBism is a great escape for me, it's just nice to coddle yourself or be coddled : ), let stress slip away until you are ready to deal with it constructively. I'm also a big texture person, and I have noticed a baby's life is full of some of the widest varieties of interesting textures.

    I enjoy gardening, fish keeping/aquascaping (Even though my first planted tank is only 8 mo. old), reading, conversing, drawing (especially animals/ anthros), and daydreaming.

    Since I moved in December, I haven't done much gardening. Our new home is under heavy remodeling which makes keeping a garden a little difficult.

    I am keeping two tanks at the moment. I have been quite bitten by the bug. My main tank is a 46g lightly planted tank (more like sparsely planted), inhabited by a few corys, a couple teras, and some otos. I just put together diy co2, and quite excited about really getting into the aquatic plant aspects of my tank. My second tank is an unheated 33 gal I keep outside containing some fathead minnows from the bait shop. They are quite fat and happy.

    I like to fish as well. Just casually, usually on our local lake. It's a satisfying feeling to pull in a nice speck and later fry him up. : )

    I am a pencil artist, though I also do digital work. I'm considering the possibility of taking commissions. If you are curious I am WolfoftheAmarant on dA.

    My favorite colors are blue and green, but I also like earthtones, and grays. Some of my favorite foods are raw veggies like okra, lettuce, eggplant, greens, cabbage, carrots, and anything I can get my hands on. Some of the only foods I don't like include papaya, grapefruit, and cottage cheese.
    I don't eat pork as well. But only because it doesn't treat my tummy very nicely. I am not a vegetarian but a good 2/3 of my diet consists of veggies.

    I don't play any instruments, or sing very well. :/

    I used to actively express my TBism in my own home, but since I have moved twice in the last 6 mo. I have come to reside in my grandparents' home. Both of whom do not know of my nature, though my mother does and often drops big embarrassing hints about it. I'm sure my grandmother knows something of it, she's been a nurse for 20 yrs, and once discovered diapers in a bag I forgot at her home. : ( I don't plan on sitting people down again to talk about; I don't see the point.
    It has to have been a year and a half since I bought a pack of diapers. :x

    But I still warm up a bottle of honey milk occasionally, or fall asleep idly daydreaming with pacifier in mouth.

    I am in a relationship that started in July of '06 basically. I feel it will be fairly long term. My boyfriend is very accepting of my TBDL nature. : )

    My life hasn't been peaches and cream, I move around a lot, or used to. I have never had a father figure. My parents had some drug issues for a little, recovery is slow. But really, life is looking up.

    I'm pleased to meet you all, and looking forward to maybe making some friends, acquaintances, or at least having some nice conversations.
    This introduction makes me a little nervous. I'm not an extremely social type of person. Sometimes I can appear cold, and withdrawn. I'm generally likable though. I'm a little inclined toward social anxiety. One of the reasons I enjoyed lurking on TBDL; the community is so relaxed, and accepting.

    Any questions or whatnot, feel free to ask.

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    Glad to see things are going well with you! Also nice introduction!

    Welcome back to the community! I hope to see your around!

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    Welcome Musing Dog!
    *gets a dog treat*

    Enjoy your stay at the new site and congrats on finding a boyfriend and a new (hopefully long-term) home!

    On a side note: Weren't / aren't you a friend of Sila's?


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    What's up. Welcome to ADISC. Great intro.

    Keep up the good posting and you'll definitely be an awesome member here.

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    I just have to say that Your Introduction is one of the best I've seen online or offline.

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    Nice intro... very thought out. Enjoy your stay here!

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    Thanks. I was a little worried my intro was disorganized and rant-like.

    @Peachy: Yes, I am a friend of Sila's. However I am not local to her anymore. We are separated by approximately an hour's driving time. Glad to see you remember me.

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