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Thread: Karaoke selection

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    Default Karaoke selection

    Several sites list karaoke songs that everybody should know, but some of the lists are horribly outdated, with things like Bohemian Rhapsody (too long) and Piano Man (too hackneyed) and not enough of the newer catchy songs that are still on the radio. I'm asking for help in choosing songs to learn because karaoke in front of my coworkers is imminent.

    I am extremely good at impersonating people, but it's best for males that don't have a famous speech pattern (anyone can do Sean Connery, but I can't do Christopher Walken). As far as pitch goes, I have a fairly average range, but I tend on the bass side. For example:

    (Please don't debate the validity of the image. It's a visual aid.)

    I don't exactly need tips on singing as I've done karaoke before, but I want a short list of songs to drill that are likely to appear in a karaoke setup.

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    Ebony & Ivory

    Probably a Weird Al song

    Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

    Uh... I dunno, prolly some rap...

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    Do you know much Johny Cash? He has some songs that are not very demanding range wise.

    And where did that chart come from anyways?

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    I made it.

    I like Sweet Caroline. It's got nice build-up and great focus on the vocals. I could really make it my own.

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    Oak Ridge Boys - Elvira

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    50 Cent and Eminem - Paitiently Waiting
    The Game and 50 Cent - How We Do
    OutKast - Hey Ya
    Kanye West and Kid Cudi - Welcome to Heartbreak

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    Butterfly Mage


    Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen.

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