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    Default hello

    Here is my intro. Im 15, and new to this whole deal. Im more interested in girls in diapers than myself, so suggestions for sites are welcome

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    Tell you hobbies/interests and all that other crap people will ask you for.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Cards1.

    The support that our kind of community gives is more of one about accepting yourself and living with who you are, not really one of suggesting websites to go to to see girls in diapers. Believe me, those are easy enough to find on your own.

    What kind of other things are you interested in?

    Does your username have any significance to what you like?

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    Yeah, Im a huge baseball fan, but all sports in general are my hobbies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cards1 View Post
    Yeah, Im a huge baseball fan, but all sports in general are my hobbies.
    I've never been too into sports myself, but I'm sure there are tons of people who adore them here. ^_^ Look around, you might meet someone to talk to.

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    hey. I do enjoy playing sports myself, from the ones I suck the most at : basquetball,football (yeah, end of the world, a portuguese guy who sucks at footie) to less suckies (tennis) and awesomeness : badminton . How do you fancy a raquet and a ball yourself?

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    Welcome to ADISC! I do hope that you enjoy your time here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

    Go Yankees!

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