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Thread: Showing your therapist

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    Default Showing your therapist

    There have previously been threads about therapy, speaking about AB/DL in therapy etc. One question that has not been brought up is the following: has anyone shown his/her AB or DL things to his/her therapist? Has anyone worn them to therapy and show them to their therapist? If yes, why? What was your experience?

    I am asking because the question recent came up with my therapist who suggested that there may be the right time to show myself in diapers etc.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Nope. I talked briefly once about being a DL. But, when compared to being an abuse survivor and alhaving a dissociative disorder, the DL thing is relegated to the back burner for the forseable future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzy View Post
    But why would they want you to show yourself in diapers?
    We were going down a track about embarrassment and how talking about my wearing diapers is embarrassing, even with my therapist. Eventually the question arose what would be more embarrassing than talking about it. Hence...

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    idk that sounds a little sketchy :\ i really dont see the benifit

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    A little sketchy... Agreed! I've tried to explain it and he has done some research as it was new to him but "show and tell" would be just wrong in my book.

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    lol no, but a healer that I visit told me that I could wear when I see her. She's really open & loving

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    When you remove the word therapist and throw in 'healer' it sounds even sketchier

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    to be honest if the therapist COULD explain the pshycholgical benefit, then ABSOLUTELY.

    but as i doubt that a decent explanation could be reached...i don't think it is going to happen.

    furthermore, diapers under clothes is one thing, that would be fine with me regardless, but if we are talking about totally exposed diaper here...that is different...I would need a REALLY compelling arguement.

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