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    Recently, I've moved away from Cuddlz, and tried ABU SDK, Tena Slip Max, and Lille Supreme (I think - my girlfriend brought them for a visit!)

    The thing I found was, the Cuddlz (and to an extent, the ABU), had a soft but firm padding, that felt equal all over.

    The Tena and Lille were much softer, but just under the crotch, where it meets the rear, it felt like there was a thick then thin region - almost clump like.

    Are there different ways of making the diapers that cause this? As it felt like a right shame they couldn't all be as good as the Cuddlz make me feel!

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    My guess is, that the brands aimed at incontinence position the absorbancy strategically to perform well while being discreet, whilst the AB brands probably go for thick padding for a baby-ish feel. Just a guess though. I've tried Tena and Lille Supreme, but not any AB brands.

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    I think it's the different ratios of Super Absorbent Polymers and wood pulp - the more wood pulp the softer, but more bulky.

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