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    In a few short months I get my license. Two actually. Mid april. Needless to say, I will be doing some diaper runs . VERY luckily, the plaza where there is a walmart and walgreens (i'm probably going for depends or certainty) also contains a movie theater which I frequent; so no real need for elaborate excuses. Sorry for posting something so meaningless and unpromising here, but I just realized this ballin' opportunity here and got so excited I really wanted to post :P.

    So look foreward to some VERY happy threads by me in a couple months!

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    I would recommend you go to some medical supply stores in your area and get diapers there

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    Congratulations! Enjoy the diapers.

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    Yay for you! I'm really looking forward for me getting my license for this very reason. Have fun!

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    Ditto on the Medical Supply stores, better options and staffed by folks who won't bat an eyelash. Also look under "Hospital Supply" in the yellow pages, some are listed there.

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