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Thread: I think they're doing it wrong

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    Default I think they're doing it wrong

    Diaper Manufacturers are making diapers wrong.

    Think about this:

    Almost every part of the diapers that are made are great. But did you ever notice the amount of absorbant material in the back of the diaper, as compared to the front? Click this link below for a breif (hehe) example. Look at the Purple diaper here, and look at the side where the tapes are.

    See how absorbant area in the front of the diaper is significantly smaller then the area in the back? The Back of the diaper is probably the most wasted part, and ironically it has the most absorbancy. I've noticed this on Abenas too, the front still holds a lot of pee, but not as much as if you were to wear it backwards.

    I think they should have more absorbant material in the front, and put less in the back, because everytime I change, the front is always soaked to the max, the middle is wet, but the back is almost always completley untouched. Or better yet, just switch the two areas and keep everything else the way it is. But from a guy's point of view, WE use the front of our diapers, I guess girls don't fill it up that much, (unless they're doing a hand stand). This could be the problem right here too, maybe diapers are designed that way to be Uni-Sex products.

    Unless you're a bedwetter, you may find you never fill the back part of your diaper. Of course, sometimes the back does get pretty wet, but usually because the front fills up, leaks off to the left or right side, and ends up in the back. I'm not saying there should be no padding in the back, i'm just saying there should be more in the front.


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    Well, I think that design was chosen for a couple of reasons.
    First one i think you hit right on the head - it is to their advantage to creat a unisex product beacuse it drives down costs for everybody.
    Second i think you got too - they are trying to make a product that is suitable for as many people as possible. So they have to creat a diaper that can be absorbant in the front for those who are standing up or sitting when they wet but also absorbant in the back for people laying down, such as bed wetters.
    Third, I think that the seemingly excessive absorbancy in the back stems from the people that these diapers are actually intended for, incontent people, not people with a diaper fetish. These people are more likely (i would guess) to have issues with bowel incontenence that would certainly benifit from having extra absorbant material in that area.
    Finally, pretty much everybody, excluding some DL's an TB's, who wears adult diapers wants them to be discreet, and if they pack too much absorbant stuff in the front, then the bulge will be huge and very noticable, not a great selling point.

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    Yeah, but there needs to be more in the front, there is a lot in the back that is wasted, albeit, if you wear properly and for long enough, a very good deal of the back will be wet, but not enough, and there needs to be more in front. Thats the best post I could manage guys.

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    funny... the back of my diaper is used a lot... and I've seen plenty of soggy diapers soaked all the way up the back.

    if you are using only the front of the diaper... your pee-pee is pointed the wrong way...

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    I think a little more padding in the front wouldn't look so bad... Haha
    I also like the comfort of the thick but when I sit down, its like a portable cussion that's attached to my but =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtbike4x4 View Post
    First one i think you hit right on the head - it is to their advantage to creat a unisex product beacuse it drives down costs for everybody.
    I know that there are few times that I have not used the back of my diaper long befor the front. I know that I am not all people, and that us girls are not expected to be offered as many options, however if you take out the backing it will be of no use to those that have been mentioned above.

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    Maybe i'm doing something wrong then? I point IT down...and I rarely soak all the way to the back, and If I don't change, i'll leak. Finn, when your diapers are soaked all the way to the back....what kind of positions were you in? Were you sitting in a chair reclined? or were you lying down? or just everyday stuff? because according to gravity, you think Pee would gather in the bottom middle of the diaper (unless you are in space)...unless it goes to the middle, and then everytime you wet it slowly gets sucked up by the back...i dunno....

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    for me it's totally the opposite: the front is almost always dry when i take it off, even if it's soaked all the way to the back. sometimes i lie on my stomach to wet just to get a more even distribution. it must have something to do with how you're positioning your equipment. or perhaps you never wet when you're sitting down or lying on your back?

    besides, adult diapers are designed to be used by people who might not be as sprightly and mobile as you and i, so it makes sense for there to be a lot of padding in the back.

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    My Tena diapers seem to do a good job moving the pee from the middle (where it hits the diaper) to the back. I can wear a diaper all day during my normal day activities and its back will be soaked by the time I take it off, even though I have never laid down to pee and gravity predicts that the pee will go mostly towards the middle.

    However, you can't add more padding to the front. The reason is the human anatomy: The butt is a large flat area with lots of space where absorbent material can be. In the front, however, the flat area is significantly smaller, and the diaper cannot be taped to the legs as they move back and forth. No diaper is flexible enough to allow the movement and still be leak-proof. I mean just look at a naked girl and compare the area of her skin that does not move when the girl walks in the front and the back. Then tell me how a diaper designer can possibly design a diaper with more padding in the front than in the back.


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    I'm a girl.. So, it ends up at the back either way! >.<

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