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Thread: New Dry 24/7's

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    So, after a long hiatus after being compromised, it would seem that the Dry 24/7 site has returned. They also claim to have a new and improved product. Has anyone tried these out yet? Due to my current situation I probably won't be trying them in the near future , but I'd like to know about them if anyone has tried them out.

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    I remember the old ones, they were pretty awesome, and damned cheap with their sale going on. I think I got a case of 72 for 75 USD. But now they want $125 for a case, so I think i'll pass, unless they have another sale. I may be willing to try a sample though, if I do, i'll put some sort of review up. And I see they now have mediums, I remember that one of the major issues they had earlier was the sizes being too large and too small for most people, so maybe they will be more popular this time around.

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    Just got the e mail tonight, gonna get a sample.
    Got a case of these when on sale last year and they were great. Very close to Molicare Super Plus.

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    I managed to convince them to send me two smalls and two mediums after thumping the "only diaper review wiki on the Internet" and "head wiki editor" credentials. ^_^ So I'll be heavily updating the review to reflect what the new Dry 24/7s are like.


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    Waiting for a Pay Pal invoice for my samples, you'll prob get yours first, can't wait.

    Hooray! for new Diapers

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    I was going to get a sample, but I know my size and the powers at be will only let you get two diapers of different sizes for some strange reason. I don't want to throw one away, so I guess I'll never know.

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    Glad to hear they are back! Have been waiting for them.

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    I'm really interested in trying their new white diapers, but yet again, I can't get a small amount for around (but less than) $25, which is what the online gift cards around me have on them, and I don't have much interest in buying the ones that are $50.

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    I have a sample on the way, and I can't wait to try these. The previous version of these have been my favorites so far and I'm almost out of those. Delta-form L3s have been a decent replacement, but they just aren't quite as nice.

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    seems like they finally got their sizing situation worked out.. I hated the small/medium and medium/large.

    Yeah as a "medium" I am sure I could fit in both. But I got the medium/large and it turned out to be nearly to big. I had to carefully tape them on, and the front wings nearly touched my back.

    I would highly, highly recommend ordering samples before buying a pack/case.

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