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Thread: TENA, Maxi or Super ?

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    Question TENA, Maxi or Super ?

    I first noticed that my local pharmicy started selling tena flexies over the summer and bought a pack of 21 flex maxis in late august, they where GREAT, Thick, Soft, Quiet, Thirsty and the would swell up really niceley which felt all squidgy and babyish, All in all i loved them, BUT and hears the but, I only used about five of them to anything approching there capacity, which felt like a bit of a waste, and well they ran out after christmas an i want more, but what should i get maxi or super ?

    The supers would be a bit thinner and more discreet, hand during the day, they are also a bit cheaper, which is the main thing, because with the maxis all the waste absorbancy just felt like waisted money.

    Another BUT, the supers only come in the bigger pack size of 28, which means there more expencive to buy in the first place.

    For any one unfamiliar with tenas system it goes, normal, plus, super then maxi, just so you know.

    In an ideal world id get the flex supers for daytime and the slip maxis for night, but im having difficulty finding a shop i can get them from, any ideas?

    Also what are the tena pant supers like ?, i generaly like big pullups, so id like to give these a try, but are the any good ?, they are quite expencive.

    Youre advice woud be greatly appeciated,

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    Being an Tena nappies user, I'd go with the Tena Slip Plus for the day, as they are much cheaper and thinner than the Super or Maxi (no one could guess what you're wearing with such a thin nappy!) The only problem is that if you wet a lot you will have to change more often as they don't hold much. If you don't want or can't change easily, then I guess the Super might work better. The Tena Maxi are definitively not a good choice to wear during the day. As you very well explained, it's a waste of money. Beside, they are not discreet (above all when wet!) On the other hand, it's a perfect night nappy.

    I'd only buy the Flex ones for the hot days during the summer because they are more expensive than the regular Slip nappies.

    About the Tena Pants Super, as far as I am concerned I wouldn't waste my money on those. I think these pull-ups are expensive, kind of loose and above all really ugly! But it's all about personnal taste. About the absorbancy it's ok I guess but don't forget it's only for daytime use or you'll leak. If you want to give a try I'd ask for a free sample.

    If you don't have an easy access to a shop, why don't you buy from internet?
    SaveExpress sells nappies by piece or by package.

    By the way, the maximum absorption are now the Ultima (only for the Tena Slip, the regular nappies). These new ones are plain white, cloth like except for the tape landing zone that is still in plastic. I haven't tried those yet.

    Hoping this was helpfull.

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    I find the super to be the best quality/price diaper. Maxi is fun from time to time and the plus is for daytime wearing when I'm going outdoors.

    The pants is more for light to moderate incontinence. It can take a full wetting but it will leak with a second big wetting. The plus slip can take about 3 smaller or 2 bigger wettings

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    Thanks guys, I went shopping on friday, and youll never gess what i bought,

    Yep, more tena flex maxis, sorry, but they where all the pharmacy had in a medium.
    I would have got the super too if they had had them in my size, I'm not convinced by the plus, I dont think a diaper with a rated/recomended capacity of only 1L would be enough, I mean a nappy is supposed to stop me from worrying about leaks. The tena slip ultimas look awsome, but all the info is from dutch or german sites, never even heard of these before in the uk, folks must be more incontinent on the continent.
    Anyone know any stores that sell tena slips in the uk?

    Oh, and tena don't do samples of anything better than pants discreet, which is a bit pants :P

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    Hi there,

    Where about in Glasgow did you find the Tena flex? I have never managed to find anything in Glasgow!

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