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Thread: Unique traits

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    Default Unique traits

    What are some non *bdl unique traits you guys have that most others do not.

    For example:

    I eat my cereal without milk
    I prefer baths to showers
    I have perfect pitch

    what about you guys?

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    I was conducting my parents television when I was 4 years old.

    I bought my first power boat by the time I was 14.

    I've sang at Philharmonic Hall and Carnegie hall by the time I was 20.

    I've raced a couple of cars at the track.

    I'm presently writing a novel.

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    I've never been on a date.

    I've never had my first kiss.

    I love Math and Science (especially Physics).

    I cannot wait to teach middle school math which usually causes other people to cringe.

    I'm a wood carver.

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    I love Ethiopian food.

    I deal with a dark and violent current that runs through my being.

    I do not consider myself to be AB or DL

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    I am a retail researcher and photographer.

    I have operated a full-size bulldozer.

    I still use VHS tapes to record and watch stuff on daily.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Let's see:

    I don't have Aspergers Syndrome (I have a dissociative disorder)
    I'm a Wiccan
    I like ketchup on my mac & cheese

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeenageToddler View Post
    I eat my cereal without milk
    I prefer baths to showers
    Me too!
    *Steals your uniqueness*

    I'm a black belt in kick boxing.
    I LOVE maths.

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    You'd have to ask people who've met me. They seem to have a more informed opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by link View Post
    I've never been on a date.

    I've never had my first kiss.

    I love Math and Science (especially Physics)
    Well, we have those first two things in common. I can unfortunately say that. Oh, and I love science usually... especially astronomy.


    There are only a few foods I hate. The others I like or at least tolerate. Lots of people seem picky when it comes to food.

    Unlike most males, I often wish I could be a girl. Not that it will ever happen. A sex change doesn't sound appealing... just very scary. I'd become a girl without any doubts if it could just magically happen instantaneously, but that's kinda impossible.

    I don't know what else. I suppose I could post more if I come up with something later.

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    I was a vegetarian for 6 yeas, 14-20
    I've lived in my own apartment since I was 16
    I used to be a devout believer in magic and the paranormal
    I have a particular affinity for feta and goat cheese

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