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Thread: Light-up shoes anyone?

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    Default Light-up shoes anyone?

    I read in another post about being able to wear kids clothes and having baby things in adult sizes and I got curious. After some looking around I found this: Jezign Light-up Shoes Not completely childish, but still...light up shoes! lol

    We are very pleased to introduce to you the Jezign line of shoes designed by Jez Marston, the CEO of Jezign, LLC, a dynamic footwear company located in the Washington D.C. area. Jezign's first line, known as the Night Eagle, incorporates Jezign's cutting edge and safety enhancing illumination technology. Having received the patent for the technology in January, 2005, Jezign has launched its new brand in Downtown Locker Room and will be introducing its new Bubble Cloud line at select Finish Line locations in Summer '07. This style will also be available online at

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    Oooh I used to have some LA Lights shoes when I was a little boy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonBB View Post
    Oooh I used to have some LA Lights shoes when I was a little boy!
    They were a bit uncomfortable, but I didn't care because they looked cool! I always wanted to wear a pair of them until the lights just no longer worked, but I ended up wearing the soles down before that would have happened.

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    If you can find kids snakers like these you can move the lights to other sneakers provideing they are a similar shape sole ahd heal.

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    I really really want a pair of these, but the shipping to the UK is a killer. And the online store seems a little borked :X

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    i also want some
    and will look at it. shipping shouldnt be that much

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    Having light up shoes would be awesome. I just wish they had some that were a little girlier.

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    I remember I never had any light up shoes. I had something even more pointless. My shoes had watches on them. I kid you not. on the outside of both shoes there were watches.

    "A man with one watch always knows the time. A man with two is never quite sure"-Philosoraptor

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    These look sweet! I could definitely take one of the white ones and make them all babyish with some sharpies.

    Can anyone figure out how much they are?

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