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Thread: Can you tell when someone stumbled out of their comfort zone?

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    And now I'm confused.. What is this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesmerale View Post
    And now I'm confused.. What is this?
    Their handymen and wanted to go to a nail expo thinking they would see new nails like you use to bang into wood and he comes back with nails that you put on your fingers.

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    I cannot tell when someone is out of there comfort zone because I am completely oblivious to other peoples subtle emotions. I make up for that though be being able to understand the message people are trying to get out even if the butcher the explanation. I can thank my Dad for that nifty trick.

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    I'm not usually all that great at reading emotions, but I have a fun story! I had arranged to buy a TV on craigslist (the guy was selling it for 75 bucks because he didn't want to pay whatever the repair fee was, and I already knew how to solve the problem), so me and my dad showed up at the guy's house. We had arranged to meet on that day, and at that time.

    He apparently didn't remember, because he was acting really freaked out. I normally don't read people's emotions too well, but he was really out of his element. I think he was one of those people who have to have everything planned out ahead of time, and surprises really throw them. Anyways, I haggled with him and brought the price down to 50 bucks. It was a pretty sweet deal, we took his TV away, and he got to freak out for the 15 or 20 minutes that we were there.

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