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Thread: New? 'All in One Company' footie pajamas

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    Default New? 'All in One Company' footie pajamas

    Has anyone heard of them? The most interesting part is that everything is customizable. Mittens, feet, and hoods…with ears? Awesome! However, they can get expensive with all the add-ons. They are based in Brittan, so shipping anywhere else is expensive. The site has many pictures of models displaying many of these interesting things... I am Facinated.

    Here is a link to a flickr picture, an example with the extera features.
    All in one - man's 'Cuddle suit' on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    They have been around for a while, if you could afford a sleeper from them it would be nice but way too expensive for my taste.

    You shouldn't have to pay over 30 bucks for a nice sleeper, I never have paid over 30 for any of the sleepers I had in the past or have now.

    I just bought a vermont country store sleeper with a drop seat and button front for 20 I'm not too crazy about it being all cotton but it will work.

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    i just now hit mr the conversion rates. These are way more expensive than I thought. too bad, they look good.

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    I ordered one of these a while back, still haven't gotten it so they seem to be slow on the production end of things. I expect the wait will be worth it though. They are a little more than usual but I spoke with a couple people who ordered them and they swear by the quality kinda like privatina
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    @tenderheart, when you get the jams post about it on the forums. i'd like to here first hand info.

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    Does no one search these days?

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    I think I'll have to buy myself a sleeper from this place once I move out or can trust my parents to not look through my mail. One thing that I wonder about though is the attached mittens. If the zipper on these ones are as small as the ones on my other sleepers it would be hard to grab hold of the zipper to get yourself out...*evil grin*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post

    Does no one search these days?
    Sorry, I realy did try to search before posting but came up with nothing.

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