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Thread: Introduction of Klezst

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    Default Introduction of Klezst

    I am an eighteen year old male, who lives in Pennsylvania.

    Special Interests:
    I spend most of my time on the computer playing video games. I am going to to get a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Hopefully, I'll make a good programmer. My dream job would be to work as a STEAM Release Engineer.
    I am a Diaper Lover. At the beginning of this year, I informed my parents of this. My parents thought it was odd and perhaps unhealthy. Yes, it is indeed odd. They suggested that I see a shrink. I did and the shrink had no problem with it. So, my parents let me wear diapers! Of course, my parents don't really want to know about this. The deal is that I do so discreetly, which means at night or when they're not around. I wear Bambinos.
    Video Games
    I play Xbox 360 and PC. Arcade and puzzle games are not my style. My favorite game is Garry's Mod.
    My favorite franchise is Stargate. I own all the shows and movies. It would be really nice if they released a quality Stargate video game.
    STEAM is awesome. All my computer games are STEAM powered.

    Enjoy life. In this circumstance the Diaper Lover portion of it.

    I found the website via a link on
    I found through Google.
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    Sir, your name sounds like an STD.

    I appreciate that.

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    Then I am assuming that was a complement. Thanks!

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    Klezst ... gazuntite

    No Klezst God Bless you my son

    No! Klezst I may have some ointment for that.
    It is called salutations and is meant to both sooth the spirit and the troubled mind.
    You will find this balm in plentiful supply here.

    The possible side effects include, but are not limited to; itchy watery eyes, some dependency upon checking new posts, and the perception of sarcasm (be it real or perceived the symptoms are the same and should be addressed with proper diligence and restraint) and do not include bladder or bowel incontinence. These effects are largely the same as other forums though this one may be more habit forming and does not mirror the effects of a placebo.

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    I find myself lacking a response...
    You're style is outstanding. Thanks, for the welcome.

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    Respose to Introduction of Klezst:

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Comment of overall performance of Introduction of Klezst:

    Nice, well organized introduction!

    Best wishes to Introduction of Klezst:

    I hope that you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community! Peace and Love

    Lucky Numbers:

    1 4 12 21 23 32

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    Welcome as well. What a great introduction. I hope things work out for you in your career choice. How's Joe Paterno these days?

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    Oh, JoePa! I am pretty sure that after he dies the coach of Penn State will just be a CGI version of Joe Paterno. I mean they did it in all those Orville Redenbacker commercials and he has been dead since 1995.

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    Your username makes me want to say:

    But otherwise, hi.

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