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Thread: Looking for a cloth pull-up

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    Default Looking for a cloth pull-up

    I'm looking to order a cloth pull-up online but I'm not sure what I should be looking for. Any suggestions?

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    There's only a few out there. Gabby's makes a pretty good one. I have one myself. You can easily find it if you go to Amazon, and put in adult cloth diapers. It will come up.

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    Babykins has very good pull-up diapers too. They are thick, soft, and comfortable. You would have to wear waterproof pants over them.

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    I use the Babykins pull on cloth diapers regularly and they work very well. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth it. Like Diaperbobby said you will need a good pair of plastic pants with these diapers. If you need any suggestions for plastic pants just let us know here and I am sure you will get plenty of suggestions.

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    How about a cloth diaper with a velcrow closure you have the cloth plus you can tighten it if you wish, I got some nice ones made from reclaimed fabric for the site at nevergrowup.

    They were reasonalby priced and the guy will make them in any thickness, you can buy what he has listed or contact him and get something special.

    He made me a few cute ones.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, come payday I'll prolly be getting one of Gaby's pull-ons.

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