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Thread: Shy or Outgoing

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    Little ollie

    Default Shy or Outgoing

    Just something I have noticed with the adisc community that a lot of people seem quite shy so I though I would do a poll on it to see what everyone is.

    My self I am major outgoing and crazy type of person that loves meeting people talking and all that.

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    I voted fore shy, because that how i am around new people. However if i get to know people i can be a bit more outgoing.


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    I'm in the middle. I'm pretty shy around new people, but I try not to show it. I don't hide from them per say, but I definently don't talk much. In a situation where I don't know a person, I tend to watch and listen to them to get to know them. I'll answer questions, and respond to stuff, but they'll be doing most of the talking for sure. Around friends, I am about average outgoingness, although I'm a bit laid back.
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    I'm very shy around new people, or people that I don't all that well.
    I'm fine around people I'm comfortable with though.

    I not as shy as I used to be though.

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    I'm shy... very much a loner. The only person I really like being around for long periods of time is LuvsGurl... I get sick of everyone else after a while.

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    i can't vote, because none of thoes fit me. depending on the situation is what propelles me forward or holds me back. sometimes i'm really outgoing when i meat new people and other times i'm very shy. i'm shy when talking to some of my friends and with other friends i'm crazy.

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    I put in the middle cause I'm usually supremely shy, but if I have sugar I'm outgoing as all hell XD

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    I always kept to myself, never got over it, don't like meeting new people, I'v always been shy, I guess it lasts forever.....

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    I used to be really shy when i was little but now that i am in high school I am alot more outgoing but I'd say I am in the middle

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